Matt Deaton Seeks Funding From Kickstarter Community for Rolling Out ‘Know Thy Neighbor’ Card Game

Matt Deaton has started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for ‘Know Thy Neighbor’ card game.

Matt Deaton, a passionate roller coaster and games expert, has announced the launch of a campaign on Kickstarter for his latest game, Know Thy Neighbor. It is a hilarious party game of guessing and confessing and is designed to bring a whole new dimension of fun and excitement to parties and get-togethers.

“Know Thy Neighbor was born out of a need to put an end to boring conversations and make parties livelier and more exciting,” says Matt Deaton while explaining the finer aspects of this hilarious game. “You can use the game’s innovative format to ask questions that you wanted to ask but feared posing because of the potential controversies involved. The game is a fun way of learning more about yourself and your friends.”

According to Matt Deaton, the game is fairly daring and involves players taking turns to read out highly inappropriate questions. The other players are required to guess what they believe would be the right answer. Neighbors who guess the answer correctly are safe while those who cannot or don’t are recipients of a Bad Neighbor Card. Those who receive a total of five Bad Neighbor cards lose the game and must perform a penalty decided by the Neighborhood.

The game is ideal for those who are not easily offended and can take all types of jokes, including some pretty mean ones in the right spirit. Party-loving persons with the ability to take tough practical jokes in stride will find this game right up their alley. These are the types of people at whom the Know Thy Neighbor game is aimed. They can bring this wonderful game to life.

The game has a simple format that’s easy to understand. The game begins with the players placing a deck of question cards in the center of the Neighborhood. In the second step, each player in the group takes a card from the deck by turn and read its contents to their neighbors. In the third step, the neighbors use the K, T, and N answer cards to guess the answer of the card reader to the question posed. Those who answer right are safe. Those who answer wrong get a Bad Neighbor Card. The loser is the one to receive five Bad Neighbor Cards. They must carry out any task decided by the neighborhood as a punishment.

The idea of Know Thy Neighbor came to Matt Deaton and collaborator Paras Tiwari during a party game on a boring Thanksgiving night. They worked on the idea and developed the prototype and even started the crowdfunding project but fell just short of target. This time, their Kickstarter campaign has a financial goal of $5,000 with the deadline of 30 November, 2017.

About Know Thy Neighbor:

Know Thy Neighbor is a funny card game that involves guessing and confessing. The party game with a dirty mind has been designed and developed by Matt Deaton and Paras Tiwari. Participants take turns asking embarrassing and inappropriate questions. Those who get the answers right are safe while the losers get a Bad Neighbor Card.

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