The launch of the new generation of “Balloons” help in weight loss coincide with Dubai Fitness

In line with the 30×30 Dubai Fitness Challenge, which is based on a 30-minute daily exercise for the entire Dubai public, to maintain fitness and reduce obesity in Dubai ,UAE as well as the rest of the region. Obalon launched the new generation of weight loss balloons through a press conference attended by a large number of media, doctors, and social media influencers t the Boulevard Hotel in downtown Dubai.

The Obalon Balloon System approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and the UAE Health Authority is the latest and most advanced medical technology to help prevent weight loss without surgery. Patients swallow three balloons over a period of six months in that then swell into the stomach to occupy space and force patients to eat less.

Obalon is used to help lose excess weight in adults with BMIs between 27 and 35 who fail to lose weight through diet or exercise alone, with this balloon capsule the patient will not need to perform any operations or binoculars during the procedure, the patient only needs to Swallow a capsule attached to a thin tube, and once it settles in the stomach it inflates with light nitrogen gas to take room in the stomach.

The conference, organized by Suhail Med and a group of obesity specialists, highlighted the new technology of Obalon that eliminates excess weight and the importance of non-surgical treatment as an innovative solution for people who are obese and who have failed to follow a healthy diet “We need innovative solutions to address obesity, with the importance of healthy living, healthy food, lifestyle and walking,” said Mr. Suhail Al Mazrouei, Director of Suhail Med.

‪‪Professor Jim Pons, medical director of obesity surgery at the Chi Memorial Hospital in the United States, warned of high rates of overweight and obesity in the United Arab Emirates, which ranks fourth in the world in the prevalence of obesity and the second in the world in the proportion of people with diabetes, according to the Federation. And the spread of fast food shops, which contributed to the spread of obesity among members of society, in addition to the absence of awareness programs to raise awareness and reduce weight gain.

Dr. Pons, who was also the former president of the American Society of Metabolic and Obstetric Surgery, said that the modern Obalon system in many developed countries is fully safe and effective. Clinical studies have shown that patients using this technique have lost twice as much. Weight lost by diet and exercise alone. He added: “There is a high demand from patients to use this technique, especially that weight loss is a difficult challenge faced by the patient of obesity, and many of the patients resorted to liposuction or stomach quantification, which have dangerous side effects.

The Obalon technology does not work alone, but it requires a diet program and a sports program to reach the ideal weight,” he said. “The technology depends on the diet change, which is followed by the doctor’s instructions. The function of this technique helps to the patient feel full quickly, reduces the amount of eating, and the help patient avoid food and beverages with high-calorie such as sweets and soft drinks.

Dr. Ahmed Ali a representative of Suhail Med also reiterated that Obalon does not work alone. It requires a diet and a sports program to reach the ideal weight. The technology depends on changing the type of food the person eats diet based on the instructions given by the doctor. He added that there is a new mobile application called “Virtual Heath Partners” that allows doctors, dietitians and specialties to follow up on the patients status.

This application provides doctors information both in Arabic and in English.

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