Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd Offers More Cost-effective Solutions For Any Maritime Application With Varieties Of Marine Fenders

Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd has come to build a solid reputation in the maritime industry by continuing to produce high quality mooring products, including marine fenders and dock bollards.

Of all the various kinds of components and equipment that are usually pressed into service for the safe berthing of seagoing vessels and also for safeguarding docking structures, dock bollards and marine fenders find maximum usage. Fenders can be installed on cargo ships, passenger liners, private yachts, ferries, trawlers, and several other kinds of marine vessels as well as set up on mooring quays and piers. The fenders are designed and constructed in such a manner that they are capable of withstanding and alleviating the tremendous kinetic energy released by a vessel when it comes to dock against the quayside or alongside another ship or boat. Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd has been in the business of fabricating a diverse line of fenders apart from marine bollards since the past few years.

Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd has developed a high level of expertise and craftsmanship as far as the manufacture of marine fender is concerned. The company produces an extensive range of fenders including but not limited to cone fenders, arch fenders, element fenders, D fenders, square fenders, DO wing fenders, foam fenders, wheel fenders, and extruded fenders. The establishment is also a specialist in the fabrication of cell fenders. A cell-styled fender is usually manufactured using premium quality and highly tensile rubber that imparts to it the capacity of enduring the extreme stress and strain associated with anchoring of large seagoing vessels. The cell type fenders are available in a variety of standardized sizes that range from 400H to 3000H and have the capacity to handle the load of a massive steel panel in its periphery.

Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd Offers More Cost-effective Solutions For Any Maritime Application With Varieties Of Marine Fenders

The entire range of marine fenders manufactured by Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd perfectly blend industry relevant design and use of the best grade of raw materials or components. The engineers of the company integrate firmly regulated deflection geometrics, extremely low reactions, high energy depletion, and quick onsite fabrication and installation. The fenders have high energy absorption capacity, low reaction verticals, and an extended functional life. The manufacturing firm exploits aerospace technology for building the most heavy duty foam fenders. And pneumatic fenders, they are in a standalone class reputed for their build quality, strength, and reliability. Roller and wheel fenders safeguard lock corners and steer vessels into tight and constrained spaces.

The Tee head bollard variously referred to as the tee head bollard is manufactured in a variety of sizes and the size of a particular tee head determines its load handling capacity. Tee head bollards are available in bolt-on or cast-in options and is usually constructed out of ductile cast steel or cast iron material. These T-head bollards have a docking line capacity varying from 10 tons to 300 tons and are capable of covering an immense range of mooring line capacity needs from the biggest bulk handing terminals to the smallest recreational jetties.

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Yantai Defender Maritime Co.,Ltd has cultivated a high level of specialization in the production of mooring products used in harbors and ports. For more details about their products, please visit their website.

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