NVdrones Announces senseFly Compatibility and Product Pricing Plans

PASADENA, CA – 11/16/2017 — NVdrones, a startup that provides cloud-based software solutions for drone fleet management, today announced flight log compatibility with senseFly, the leading provider of professional drone solutions. 

NVdrones is one of the first fleet management companies to implement GUTMA’s flight-logging protocol that senseFly has helped to develop and adopt. It shows NVdrones’ commitment to integrating its fleet management product with a wide variety of manufacturers. 

“senseFly is an innovative company that many of our customers have asked us to support,” said Kevin Mukai, CEO and co-founder of NVdrones. “We are honored to partner with senseFly in pioneering flight logging standardization throughout the industry.” 

senseFly pilots can now upload senseFly flight logs to NVdrones’ fleet management software. The two companies are currently building a direct integration from senseFly’s eMotion software to NVdrones, and are calling on pilots to test this functionality. 

NVdrones and senseFly are also calling on more manufacturers to adopt the protocol in order to standardize flight logging industry-wide. 

Samuel Dépraz, regulatory project manager at senseFly, said, “The standardization of flight logging is an important milestone for the drone industry to reach in the coming years as more and more authorities require pilot flight records. NVdrones has shown a willingness to commit resources to propel this standardization supported by GUTMA (Global UTM Association), and our team is excited to be working with NVdrones on this effort.” 

Pilots from over 50 countries have logged over 80,000 flights to NVdrones, cementing NVdrones as one of the leaders in the drone fleet management sector. NVdrones is one of just two companies to offer flight log compatibility with senseFly in addition to direct syncing with DJI GO and DroneDeploy. 

“It has been amazing to see the growth of our company and the excitement from pilots around the world who find immense value in our software,” Mukai added. “We will continue to grow the company by providing drone operators with best-in-class tools to manage their drone fleets.” 

Allen Newland, owner and operator of A Shot Above of WNC, LLC, has been a staunch supporter of NVdrones since its inception.

“NVdrones has shown me that they have a deep understanding of what commercial pilots like me are looking for,” Newland says. “I look forward to using their software even more as they develop new technologies.” 

On the heels of the senseFly announcement, NVdrones is also announcing new product pricing plans. Their plans are designed to fit the needs of all pilots from hobbyists to enterprises. Free plans come standard with unlimited flight syncing with DJI GO and DroneDeploy, with premium plans offering functionality such as project management, monthly activity reporting, and multi-user organizations. 

For more information on NVdrones’ pricing, you can visit their pricing page

If you are a pilot who would like to beta test a direct integration between senseFly and NVdrones, you can contact NVdrones at hello@nvdrones.com

To register an account and begin uploading senseFly flight logs to NVdrones, you can register an NVdrones account with a 14-day free trial at dashboard.nvdrones.com. 

About NVdrones 

NVdrones is the centralized hub for drone data and workflow. Founded in 2014, its team and advisors have decades of experience with drones, aviation, and autonomous vehicles.

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