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Hot on the heels of a distribution deal with National Book Network, Inc., and shelf space in bookstores across Canada, Canadian author Kaz Lefave’s timely and provocative science fiction book series, Nemecene, has now been picked up by Barnes & Noble.

“Barnes & Noble is a big player in the retail bookstore market across the U.S and I am thrilled that the first trilogy in the Nemecene series is now available through their network of local stores,” says Kaz Lefave. “I am especially excited about introducing readers to full-chain FSC certified, 100% recycled paper, and gorgeous cover art free of a plastic coating — conscious printing for a healthy planet.” 

Inspired by the works of Masaru Emoto’s The Hidden Messages in Water and the current ocean environmental crisis, science fiction author Kaz Lefave has foreseen a future where humanity’s fate lies in our understanding of what or, in her words, “who”, water really is. 

Nemecene is a thrilling story of origins set on Earth in a toxic future flooded by dead oceans and poisonous gases, where twin protagonists, Keeto and Elize, become the target of an otherworldly predator in their quest to save Elize from their mother’s fate. The present becomes their past that holds the key to existence through a blend of Angels & DemonsDuneBlade Runner, and 1984 with creative hybrids, humor, and a metaphysical twist. 

The planned 10-novel series is part of a larger trans-media Nemecene™ World with a mission to empower sci-fi/fantasy fans to connect with water and to heal our oceans through fun and socio-environmental entertainment choices. “It is time to #leadthecreed into a healthy future for all,” adds Kaz Lefave.

Go to your local Barnes & Noble bookstore or buy online through to pick up your copies of Episodes 1 and 2, Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress and Nemecene: The Gadlin Conspiracy, and pre-order the heart-stopping conclusion to the first trilogy, Nemecene: Through Fire and Ice, coming to stores on March 6, 2018. 

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