Enjoy Sharron Gleason\’s fascinating book about the only known successful natural therapy that organically reverses PTSD from the body.

Carlsbad, California, USA, 16 November 2017- PTSD survivors have a very difficult time regaining their lives after traumatic events. Trauma robs them of healthy boundaries, a sense of freedom, vitality, empowerment, and happiness. Trapped in a never-ending cycle of anger, sadness, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, most trauma survivors desperately resort to the only known mainstream therapies available to them usually involving expensive, unsuccessful long-term therapies, and synthetic drugs. A far better resolution for anybody experiencing PTSD is a natural one, and for thousands of years we have searched for this solution in vain. Finally, we have found it!  After nine years of research and practice, Sharron Gleason reveals the safe, successful, natural solution to reverse PTSD from the body in her sensational and newly revised book, “Secrets to Tame a Mystical Dragon.”

“Secrets to Tame a Mystical Dragon” is about the author’s personal story of emotional childhood neglect responsible for both her near death at age five and ultimately the tragic death of her younger brother. It describes a chaotic household combining a psychopathic mother, a domineered father, parties, alcohol, and prescription drugs. It tells of the journey to heal from such a past and how this traumatic history negatively impacted her life and decisions resulting in stumbles, poor decisions, broken relationships, and the terrifying experience of being married for the first time to another psychopath.

It is the story of healing, hope, discovery and how she finally becomes a Trauma Touch Healer. It connects the dots of how survivors get to that place of suffering from PTSD after trauma and why. She explains from personal experience, study, and working with trauma survivors what works best and why many therapies today are ineffective. Valuable secrets are uncovered on how to extricate and successfully recover from trauma in a safe, organic, and comprehensive way and why this has been hidden from us. It is written and shared from the heart and reveals at last, a successful natural method to Crack the PTSD Code.

The author, Sharron Gleason, says, “It takes bravery and a warrior spirit to wrestle back our lives from PTSD, but well worth the effort in the end! To be able to move forward in life again feeling free and light and ‘unstuck’ together with empowerment, vitality and joy… what happiness and what a victory!”

This amazing book is available for purchase on https://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Tame-Mystical-Dragon-Cracking/dp/1941595006/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1507148116&sr=1-1&keywords=Secrets+to+Tame+a+Mystical+Dragon



About the author

The author was born in South Africa, but after experiencing a traumatic childhood, an abusive marriage, and the infamous 1976 Soweto riots, she fled by crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a yacht bound for America. She now resides in Carlsbad, California. This is her personal story and first book.

To learn more about her please visit http://sharrongleasonbooks.com/ or http://traumatouchhealing.com/  


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