IWOWMOMS Launches Superior Quality Maternity Belt On Amazon

USA – Comfort is of utmost importance to expecting and new mothers alike – and doctors have long sung the praises of the maternity belt as an invaluable prepartum and postpartum accessory. IWOWMOMS, a company dedicated to providing high quality products that would address customers’ specific needs, recently launched its first product, the IWOWMOMS Maternity Belt, to the amazon.com market.

Despite its recent appearance on amazon.com, the IWOWMOMS Maternity Belt has already garnered rave reviews from satisfied customers, who either bought it for their own use, or chose to give it as a present to a friend or loved one.

Characteristic of the overall tone of the majority of the product’s reviews, is the following statement by an expectant mother, who found the IWOWMOMS Maternity Belt of great use during her pregnancy, saying that “This belt is awesome! Ever since I started using it my back pains have really gone away. It’s breathable so I can use it all day. The belt supports my belly very well and it is comfortable enough to wear all day. Truly recommend this!”

Breathable, expandable, and fully adjustable, the IWOWMOMS Maternity Belt helps evenly distribute the baby’s weight across the abdomen and back, thus providing relief from pain, and reducing pressure on the round ligaments.

Offering gentle compression, the IWOWMOMS Maternity Belt helps support the expectant mother’s uterus and growing belly, reducing the general discomfort that expectant mothers usually experience while walking or exercising during the third trimester of their pregnancies.

Speaking of the product, IWOWMOMS’ media representative said that “We are glad to receive such stellar feedback from our customers. We took great care to ensure that the IWOWMOMS Maternity Belt upholds the highest standards of quality, so that it makes for a useful and indispensable accessory for all women, during this tender period in their lives.”

IWOWMOMS has shared that it plans to add more products to its Amazon store in the near future. The company will announce any future product launches in further communications with the press.


To learn more about IWOWMOMS, please visit: http://www.iwowmoms.com/

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