BlockMason Credit Protocol Will Be Listed On KuCoin: Trading Starts On November 14

KuCoin is working hard to find high-quality projects that go beyond the offering of other exchanges. BlockMason Credit Protocol (BCPT) will be joining this special list on November 14 2017.  KuCoin traders will have access to  BCPT/BTC and BCPT/ETH upon listing.

Users can start depositing and trading BCPT on KuCoin November 14, 2017 at 13:00 (GMT +1).

About BlockMason Credit Protocol:

BlockManson Credit Protocol aims to bring the blockchain revolution into debt and credit obligations

Bitcoin democratized the transfer and storage of money, and Ethereum democratized the creation and storage of monetary contracts.

With the Credit Protocol, BlockMason has taken the next logical step in the decentralized economy: democratizing currency creation through permanently recorded debt and credit obligations between parties.

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About KuCoin

KuCoin is a newly-launched cryptocurrency exchange; it started operations in September 2017 and is already making a big impression on traders and users thanks to its innovative listings, partnerships and user rewards.

Users can earnrewards in exchange for using the platform and holding the exchange’s token KucoinShares (KCS). Dividends are dependent on the number of coins each user holds and they are paid daily.

Users can also get a discount on trading rates, or earn 40% commission by referring other traders to the platform. In total, KuCoin gives 90% of its trading fee to users, while keeping 10% for a token buyback fund.

The long-term goal of KuCoin is to become one of the top 10 exchanges in the world, they have quickly gained traction by collaborating with many established communities and listing new tokens based on user’s opinions and requests.

They are often compared to Binance thanks to their simple User interface, fast transactions and good design. At the same time, they have gained notoriety for good customer support which has been well received by traders and users frustrated with larger exchanges’ lack of response to support requests. People have started calling it ‘the people’s exchange’

These are all of KuCoin’s markets at the time of writing: KuCoin Shares, Monetha, Walton, Ether, Hshare, Kyber Network, OmiseGo, Everex, Eos, GAS, NEO, Red Pulse, LiteCoin, QTUM, Bytom, Civic, TenX, Status, Black Hole Coin, Modum, Change, Raiden Network, Confido, Unikoin Gold.

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