Hong Kong Artist announces first ever two-person show with Banksy, in Asia

Non-commercial exhibition to showcase 40 Banksy art recreations and a series of new paintings from artist’s private collection

Hong Kong: Hong Kong artists, Michael Andrew Law, announces his two-person show for the exhibition of the infamous street art revolution known as Banksy. The show which is tagged “December to Remember: A Love Letter T̶o̶  with Banksy” will witness the showcase of at least 40 of Michael’s reproduction of Banksy’s incredible street art masterpieces. Attendees will also have the opportunity to see Micheal’s own private collection of new paintings. The art exhibition will be taking place from December 5 – December 8, 2017, at 3-D Fu Kar Court, 32 Fortress Hill Road, Hong Kong. Opening Reception is on Tuesday, December 5, 6-9 PM.

Find more information on www.gallerymichaelandrewlaw.com.

“I think Banksy would appreciate the idea and the effort. I created this show base on the philosophy of Banksy’s works since his works now often circulate within corridors of the rich and powerful. I find this ironic because most of the idea of his works was to mock the rich and the powerful, so I just go ahead and use my freedom as an artist to create this two-person show between Banksy and me,” said Artist Michael Andrew Law.

The importance of Banksy as an art form
Banksy transformed the art world by presenting an illegal form of artwork in public places. The art is a combination of political satire and humor, delivered in a unique stenciling technique that has taken the UK and world by storm. Banksy offers an insightful and penetrative art graffiti that questions topical issues and provides bold expressions. The subject of Banksy’s art is usually anti-capitalism, anti-war, and anti-establishment, making it the perfect artistic expression for anyone with liberal consciousness to identify with.

December to Remember: A Love Letter T̶o̶  with Banksy is a non-commercial exhibition that comprises the reproduction of artwork by Banksy drawn from the gallery of a private collection. Michael Andrew Law desires to present a genuinely inspirational artwork exhibition, unlike the ones common in the high-end art world.

About Michael Andrew Law
Michael Andrew Law was born in British Hong Kong, 1982. He studied painting with Sam Tsang of the Central Academy of Art in Beijing and with New York native classical painter Dan Anderson at his Hong Kong studio. Law co-founded the Hong Kong Art Studio Nature Art Workshop. The organization functions as a supportive environment for the fostering of emerging Hong Kong artists in addition to producing and marketing Law’s related work. As a curator, Law has organized an exhibition of contemporary art that shares a range of responses to Hong Kong’s Gen Y pop culture. For more information, please contact +85264447550, or visit www.gallerymichaelandrewlaw.com.  

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