Rocker Kinetic launches Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to allow mass production of Dynamic Foot rest

November 16th, 2017: With the number of people spending lengthy hours seated increasing; there has been an increase in the number of people suffering from lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and knee problems among others. To avoid being victims, people are being advised to reduce the number of hours they spend seated. While this may be possible for some professionals, Placid Ihuoma of Rocker Kinetic says that the nature of work and pressure put on some employees makes it hard for them to leave their desks. Rocker Kinetic has come to the rescue of these people by providing a dynamic footrest which is powered by AI. While introducing the Rocker Kinetic dynamic footrest, Placid said that the foot rest will allow people who spend lengthy hours seated to move their legs, improve their posture and blood circulation as well as stimulate their body and mind. Ihuoma added that the footrest allows the people who spend long hours seated to exercise their legs without attracting attention and also engage in unlaborious motions. Rocker Kinetic, is also an active game console, built to keep users engaged, entertained and healthy.



According to Ihuoma Rocker Kinetic has launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to allow mass production of the of Rocker Kinetic dynamic footrest. With the campaign, Rocker Kinetic hopes to raise enough funds to ensure that the footrest is available to office workers, those who sit for lengthy period, people who travel over long distances and rehabilitation centers among other places where the foot rest may be required. Placid Ihuoma appeals to the well wishers as well as those who would like to be among the first to receive the dynamic to support the campaign through making pledges.

Designed with collaboration with chiropractors, doctors, and specialist ergonomics, dynamic footrest will be a useful tool for people whose work demands long sitting duration. Ihuoma says that they will be engaged, entertained and at the same time stay healthy.

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