Atomic Beach Games Brings Back Traditional Dominoes for the Modern Age

Linda Mottley, co-CEO and founder of Atomic Beach Games, announced that fans of the classic dominoes board game can now enjoy all the fun and challenges in a digital format with the launch of the new Dominoes Board Game Classic app.

“We bring free family fun and friendly games to the world,” said Mottley.

Available at iTunes, the app is free and available for multiple iOS devices. Players can choose from three different modes of play – Draw Dominoes, Dominoes All Fives, and Block Dominoes. The app is designed with three levels of difficulty to accommodate players of all levels of skill.

Individuals can customize the table and cards from the deck, and keep track of their statistics from previous matches to see if they are a domino master. A tutorial is provided on how to play for anyone who needs a refresher course or who has never played before. Realistic tile sounds have been incorporated into the app for a natural domino playing experience.

The game of dominoes is one of the most often played amusements in the world with a history that dates back to the Song dynasty in China, though it was played somewhat differently as a form of domino mahjong. The game found its way to Italy and evolved over time into the version known today.

Terms used for game pieces are just as fascinating as its history. Domino tiles are known as bones and the dots are called pips. The game itself has also been known as muggins and was popular in inns and taverns. Game tiles have even been found in the wreckage of early sailing ships. Dominoes have enjoyed worldwide dominance, with favorite versions being played by the most ancient of cultures to the modern day.

The release of Dominoes Board Game Classic app perfectly replicates all the fun and excitement of the traditional dominoes board game in a digital format, allowing fans to take their favorite game on the go. The app offers an enjoyable way to play dominoes to pass the time whether players are commuting to work or waiting for an international flight.

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