Makers of the “Simple Elephant” Planner share tips on how to make 2018 a happy and rewarding year

November 16, 2017:  Papercode, the makers of the unique “Simple Elephant” planner that has swept the world by storm, shares tips on how to begin a strong and exciting New Year!  For anyone wishing to hit new targets, smash goals, and fulfill long-awaited objectives, these tips are a must read.

“The first tip is to concentrate on five goals that would make 2018 a huge success,” said Jen, the owner of Papercode.  Having too many goals at once is distracting and prevents you from fully immersing yourself in the goals that count.  

“The second tip is full mind engagement.”  This means activating the entire mind to work for you.  The best way to accomplish this is to communicate with your brain in a language it understands.  The right brain is visual which means it communicates with pictures and images.  Create a vision board with images of you reaching your goals.  The left brain is logical and analytical.  Draw a mind map to declutter the brain and organize your thoughts and actions needed to make your goals a reality.  While simple, this vision board and mind map combination engages both sides of the mind for powerful motivation and focus.

“The third tip is gratitude.”  This key step can immediately transform your life.  People attract that which they focus on most.  Be grateful for what you have and you will open the door to a happier and more abundant life.  

Papercode believes there is magic in everyone and every individual is entitled to happiness.  The Simple Elephant planner is a success companion that integrates all the tips discussed here and much more to expedite an abundant, happy, and fulfilled life.  Its lightweight construction is easy to carry and the undated design makes it perfect to begin tomorrow.  

The planner is available on and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

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