Kickstarter project GID (Global Identity Card) needs support to help kick off the easiest and most secure access using fingerprint or codes.

So many times have passwords been forgotten with the multitude of usernames, emails, bank accounts, passwords and membership IDs to remember every day. How much time has been lost trying to recover a new code for every lost password? Isn’t it tiring to have so many credit cards and membership cards in one wallet? GID is the best solution for these problems. Subscribing for a GID account will have a lot of services to make life easier and more secure! GID stands for Global Identity, the GID number is an alphanumeric code generated from the user biometric data to access different kinds of services. The code is generated using a proprietary algorithm. GID Mobile interface is made available for IOS and Android.  Gain access to the platform with your GID Number or with your fingerprint using the USB fingerprint device and link all your information and accounts all over the world to one code.

Life’s unpredictability can lead us to face tough and unexpected situations. GID gives the chance to face situations of emergency rapidly and with efficacy through a simple system. During dangerous sudden illness, such as a stroke, a heart attack or an anaphylactic shock, being allowed to quickly access the medical history of the person hit by these events could be helpful for emergency staff to handle the problem. This does mean that it’s vital to know the blood group of the patient in case he has an important loss of blood or to be warned about allergies if the person needs dosing of drugs, avoiding errors that could take out his life. Let’s imagine that Mister John is walking in a park with his granddaughter Mary. The man falls down losing consciousness; many people come across and call the emergency number, after a while, an Ambulance arrives. The first medical operator will be concerned about taking notes about the consciousness of the man, as usual in this kind of events. A second medical operator will use John’s fingerprint in order to know about the historical medical reports and figure out quickly, the reason of the collapse. On the screen, data about John will be immediately available to the medical operators. He’s diabetic, Insulin dependent. Medical operators immediately control blood sugar. John is on hypoglycemia. He will be quickly treated following protocol’s rules. What has been possible to create in this situation is a speeding up and an accuracy of treatment thanks to the support of GID

Differently from other codes, the GID is not generated from a anagraphic information but from the user’s biometrics. The code is generated from a letter and two numbers for a total of 15 characters which are automatically generated from fingerprints. It is easy and unique since there is no fuss about remembering it. Even if forgotten, access can be gained with fingerprint. The code is stored in servers once generated for easy access by users for different kinds of services whether personal, administrative or commercial. Every user will get an USB fingerprint scanner to sign up and easily access to the service through a web interface. The GID sensor is designed in order to easily generate the GID number and the associated account. Using the fingerprint, the user can access a complete universe of services that are constantly evolving. The light turns green when the login will be successful or red if there is a problem with the recognition of the fingerprint (for instance unknown user, problem with the fingerprint device). Privacy settings will allow the user to manage its privacy, through a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface, choosing the settings which prefers. Together with the GID number, users will get a GID email easy to remember and unique. It can be accessed using just fingerprints with no password entry. They will also get a messenger account associated to their GID number valid all over the world. Good thing there is no hassle of changing phone or operator. With GID, users can connect to all their social profiles and can be found using their GID number and so much more! What’s more, a GID card that can be used to access exclusive offers, discounts and subscriptions to national and international partners, services just by scanning the QR code on it. It’ll be automatically generated upon the new account registration.

Help provide support to develop this software and manufacture the product in Shenzhen, China with a team of designers and programmers who will be able to deliver the software in six months without delay. They plan to proceed with a slow pace in order to get the right focus to priorities, without wasting precious time. They are conscious about the challenges that may surface for some of the products. That is why they will take a little bit more time for some services, to be able to manage them separately and to exploit synergies to be created at the starting point. Once GID services is launched, the next step will be expanding globally with more expectations such as GID SDK where users will be able to join new websites and platforms with the unique ID, letting them not waste their time with annoying procedures of registration. Also, GID Online payments will allow users to make payments through the internet with this technology, which guarantees high levels of security.

Milad Botros is the founder and CEO of GID and works with the team of Blue Crunch software Development Company. Their hope is to make a pledge goal of €25,000. Milad said “First thing first: thanks to all those people who have supported us until now, your backup is greatly appreciated! We are currently engaged in a new marketing campaign to appeal more possible backers and to keep our project fresh and updated. We know it’s an ambitious project, but we are and we will be working hard to keep faith to all our promises.” The future of GID has no limit and can embody any future technology. Support this project today and help make life easier and secure.

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