Jack Ma-Backed YF Capital Invested in China’s Largest Offline Data Platform-ZMT

BEIJING, Nov. 16, 2017 (The China Box) — Beijing Zmeng Network Technology Co.,Ltd. (ZMT), China’s largest offline data service platform, has recently announced that it completed series B+ round financing worth 180 million yuan (US$ 27.1 million). YF Capital,founded by Alibaba chairman Jack Ma, led in Series B+ round financing, followed by IDG Capital Partners and Kinzon Capital. To date ZMT has raised 300 million yuan (US$ 45.2 million) in Series B found financing. According to Guang Yuhao, founder and CEO of ZMT, ZMT will focus on “offline data capitalization” after Series B round financing to further promote the upgrading of China’s traditional retail industry, sharing economy and other new business types.

ZMT has been favored by a number of institutional investors. Investors in the previous rounds of financing include Fosun and IDG Capital Partners.

Just as Google Analytics analyzes consumers’ online data, ZMT helps enterprises acquire offline data through smart hardware and integrate offline data with online data, thereby looking into consumer needs, strengthening management, optimizing services and upgrading marketing. China’s traditional retail industry does not know how to acquire and apply mass offline consumer data. ZMT can offer retail enterprises all-round support in data acquisition, synthesis and application, and help them capitalize offline data, thus boosting their competitive advantage in the fast-growing Chinese market. International companies promoting retail industry development through offline data like Eculid and RetailNext are also acquiring offline data through new-generation sensor network and operating on this basis. To promote their advertising business, international giants, such as Google and Facebook, are also working on offline data.

Over the past four years since its founding in 2013, ZMT has focused on the continuous accumulation and value exploration of offline data, established China’s largest offline data system, created more than 2 million offline application scenarios, and developed more than 1 million business partners in more than 300 cities. ZMT’s offline data capitalization practice application solutions have covered tens of vertical fields including life service, automobile, real estate, education, health, finance and tourism, gaining high recognition from the market. Now ZMT’s monthly business revenues are up 200 percent year on year and up 20 percent month on month. ZMT is expected to achieve annual business revenues of hundreds of millions yuan in 2017.

The datamation rate of offline consumer behavior is only 7 percent in China, showing that the Chinese data market is biggest ever. As China’s largest offline data service platform, ZMT can increase the rate to 70-80 percent and the figure will continue to grow. According to the lead investor YF Capital, ZMT is one of the few big data enterprises that can achieve high revenues and profits. It has connected the three links (acquisition, processing and application) of data to build a closed-loop chain, and enjoys prominent advantages of the three links.

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