Secretbrand* a Luxury Fashion Startup Will Soon Launch their Indiegogo Campaign

The million dollars dress is just around the corner. 

NEW YORK & INDIANAPOLIS – 11/16/2017 — Secret Brand* is pleased to announce the start  of its Indiegogo campaign and proudly presents the solution for a problem that tormented humanity for at least 188 years.

This winter, get ready to see a tectonic shift in fashion as SecretBrand* shifts the focus from many to one.

After more than three years of research, developing both software and fashion design, the founder Jon Barack, is ready to answer the century-old question: “What do you do when someone dresses like you?”

If you don’t think the problem is so significant, just look up: “same dress” on Google and see for yourself. 

His answer will inevitably be: “Support us on Indiegogo and see for yourself!” What he and his team of 30 professionals did is quite remarkable, they’ve managed to put up a system which makes it easy to get a unique full printed dress, online. This kind of print is indistinguishable from high quality printed materials used to make the clothes we already buy.

The key word with this startup is “Unique.” Every dress in their workshop is printed only once. Just like the million dollars dress, every other design sold by them will be unique. 

Barack, says: :”The global apparel market is valued at 3 trillion dollars. The women’s wear industry is estimated at 621 billion dollars. The luxury segment is worth 339.4 billion dollars.

We focus on a niche in the luxury segment. Quality, not quantity is important.”

Below it’s a perk from the campaign. Each one is unique. 

The startup wants you to create the first backer designed dress. Each person can digitally sign the fabric if they buy the perk on Indiegogo. With each „signature”, the auction price of the dress rises. With 10,102 backers the auction price will start at one million dollars.

SecretBrand can be a solution to the embarrassing scenes happening at Award Ceremonies, Gala or Red Carpet events. Every day we see articles in the media about “copycat dresses,”same dress,” or “same outfits.” The question is why and the possible answers are:

a. They just didn’t realize that something like this can happen, embarrassing!

b. It was a marketing strategy to get people writing about them; it’s all about the Buzz!

c. They don’t have an alternative; you can’t buy a unique dress.

About SecretBrand

SecretBrand* is a startup about fashion, technology, software, and e-commerce. Their unique selling proposition is clear: Unique Fashion. Their office is in the USA, New York & Indianapolis.  It will launch on Indiegogo this winter, and the deliveries will start July 2018.  If you want to support them, take a look at their campaign on Indiegogo. You have the chance to sign one unique piece at this unique time. 

Jon Barack is the founder of SecretBrand*. He holds a master’s degree in economics and developed niche markets for the last 25 years. A lot of accomplishments but also failures taught him valuable lessons that he brings to this project. He likes to say that you can have resources and a good idea, but the team makes or breaks a project. Ideas are one dime a dozen, but a good team is not.

SecretBrand * (*currently undisclosed brand luxury fashion)

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