Book Providing Insights from Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs and Speakers on Overcoming Adversity Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Bold Publishing‘s recent release, “Purpose Pioneers – How to Overcome Adversity, Survive Setbacks, and Thrive on Purpose,” hit’s best seller list on November 6, climbing all the way to Number One in the Urban & Regional Business category.

Raleigh, NC. November 16th, 2017.

Bold Publishing‘s recent release, “Purpose Pioneers – How to Overcome Adversity, Survive Setbacks, and Thrive on Purpose,” hit’s best seller list on November 6, climbing all the way to Number One in the Urban & Regional Business category.

In response to book reaching Number One, Bold Publishing, Bolaji Oyejide, said, “Hitting the Best Seller list is something we are excited to have achieved. This is an important project for us.  We’ve created a powerful resource for purpose-driven people who’ve been striving to make a positive impact in the world, but have been stopped in their tracks by adversity and setbacks.”

Describing the unique concept behind the book, Oyejide explained, “This wasn’t a topic we could tackle on our own, so we reached out to some of the top Purpose-driven entrepreneurs and speakers across the nation, for insight into how they overcame life-threatening limitations, academic failure, physical shortcomings, anxiety, fatherlessness, and even lack of purpose.”

Oyejide expressed appreciation for the book’s contributors, saying, “We are extremely fortunate to have the caliber of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs and Speakers who gave their time to be interviewed for this project. Each and every one of them is a true advocate and educator.

Each of the book’s co-authors has overcome monumental adversity and found their way back to a purpose-driven life.

Oyejide further stated, “To have Amazon put this book at the top of their Best Seller list in the Urban & Regional Business category is an incredible achievement and puts a spotlight on the appreciation and recognition they deserve.”

With the recent news controversy around the rise in narcissism, and the sharp decline in empathy in the media, Purpose Pioneers subject matter is a hot topic and a must-read for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on the world.  

These purpose-driven leaders speak share heart-wrenching stories of overcoming life-threatening ailments, physical disabilities, crippling anxiety, tragic loss of childhood siblings, growing up fatherless, and more.  The methods by which they are each able to overcome immense adversity, survive setbacks, and find their life purpose along the way, is both inspiring and instructive.

Purpose Pioneers features conversations with:
Ricky Venters – CEO of Ricky Venters Enterprise, LLC.

Jose Angel Contreras – Host, Decoding Millennials podcast

Eric Jones, Jr. – Eric Jones Speaks

A.J. Howell – Jabrae Rafael, Inc.

Michael Barham – Founder, PUSH Elevation

Dewane Mutunga – Founder, The Solopreneur Chronicles

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