FoxGuard Solutions Selects NVIDIA Quadro and Bohemia Interactive Simulations to design and build a platform of products for OEM customers.

CHRISTIANSBURG, VA – 11/17/2017 — FoxGuard Solutions, Inc. today announced the release of the Simitar brand family of computers.  “As part of our design process, we reached out to NVIDIA and Bohemia Interactive Simulations  to select the best components for our customers’ simulation and training application,” said Nasri Salamoun, Director of Engineering.  Simitar FORCE is a professional workstation product designed to maximize the performance of simulation software such as Bohemia Interactive Simulation’s (BISim) training applications, VBS3 and VBS Blue IG. 

BISim is utilizing the Simitar FORCE in their technology development and demo room at their North American headquarters.  “Foxguard is providing the best of breed turn-key image generation hardware platform that is designed specifically for BISim’s VBS Blue IG a whole earth planetary image generation technology.  The combined solution of VBS Blue and the FORCE provides users with a turn-key IG hardware and software combination that performs optimally,” Cory Kumm, BISim’s Vice President Corporate Development.

Along with the release of the professional workstation line of products, FoxGuard also announced the release of Simitar FLEX.  “Simitar FLEX is a rack-mount computer designed for customers that value form factor reduction.  The FLEX is available with one or two NVIDIA Quadro GPUs  in a short depth, 2U format.  Simitar FLEX has the option of two additional PCI expansion ports for customers who only want one GPU, ” said Jonas Baranauskas, Product Manager for the Simitar family.

Increased display resolution for training and simulation introduces numerous challenges with respect to traditional visual system architectures and the required number of image generator (IG) computers. As resolution increases, the frame rate must also increase to maintain dynamic resolution. With both higher resolution and faster frame rates, there is a significant increase on the GPU resources, and therefore the number of GPUs required to drive a large-scale multi-display system. 

“By offering 2U systems with two NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, Foxguard delivers the necessary GPU density to the training and simulation industry,” said Sandeep Gupte, Director of Product Marketing, Professional Visualization,  NVIDIA.  

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