Supermodel Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

“And the award goes to…”

Did you know that the Oscars purposefully stopped saying, “And the winner is,” (as if to indicate that the other nominees aren’t winners) and now instead says, “The Oscar goes to…?”

In this same vein, “Sustainable Citizenship” announces the newest recipient of the Supermodel Lifetime Achievement Award. “Sustainable Citizenship” goes to your Harvard Supermodel Activist of the Decade, an A-List Supermodel Icon.

The earliest modeling gig she can remember is booking a highly sought after, limited space and coveted modeling layout in the catalog of her University’s exclusive logo clothing line.

After that, she began modeling steadily as a simple artists’ model in Amsterdam, where one of the high-end paintings of her ended up in the Rijksmuseum.  From there she got discovered in a party at the Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas and was catapulted into starring roles into at least 4 independent films except for two giant game changers: An authentic, verified supermodel is NOT ALLOWED to ever open her mouth to speak. It is a still driven, non-moving pictures industry. Her image really must be (more than) enough. Also, a legitimate supermodel cannot build name recognition – only global FACIAL recognition.

Her supermodel image was in Times Square for a while and can be up as often as she chooses!
Photo by We R Paparazzi Las Vegas

So, unless you learn all the “professional supermodel” secrets like those two above (and there are MANY!) and are vouched for by other actual industry supermodels, you cannot claim to be a supermodel, no matter how beautiful or well publicize you may be, and absolutely NO ModelMayhems, ok.

So this is why our Lifetime Achievement Award Supermodel didn’t continue making movies even though she had around 55 silent parts in films, television shows, commercials, and music videos. This is also why she didn’t become a supermodel rock star, even though she did sing and play bass for two awesome touring bands for a while. That is also why we are not hosting any of her magazine cover photos for this press release – they happen to mention her name.

You will have to be satisfied with these photos as sufficient representation of the same now legend supermodel. The picture of her shaved bald was for “supermodel icon” status (another supermodel secret. You MUST have done runway “shaved bald” to garner “supermodel icon” status among supermodels). Now that she has accepted a Supermodel Lifetime Achievement Award, she can no longer do runway (another top-secret legit-supermodels-only rule).

If you are curious about other supermodel rules, she leaves a clue here and there on every video on her Christian Supermodel YouTube site of non-verbal videos

Without moving pictures or sound, what did happen to her is what happened to EVERY authenticated supermodel: she became a juggernaut supermodel environmentalist, espousing at least one, if not several, causes or charities.

She had three main concerns to which she endlessly and tirelessly devoted herself:

1. Plastics in the Ocean.  She directed a multi-award winning documentary about the 5 gyres of plastic in our oceans.

2. Shark-Finning. No sharks = no atmosphere for our planet. Another multi-award winning documentary on her director’s resume, titled, “Worst Shark Attack Ever.” This went hand in hand with her well-researched and trademarked shark repellent swimwear, wetsuits, and surfboards. “Good Morning America” hosted this non-speaking supermodel surfer aka Queen of Surfing, which is one way she is branded heavily across the media. Surfer magazine forums is gracious enough to host her platform. She is the first girl so far who surfs North Shore / Pipeline without a leash OR wax! She also directed and edited every one of her videos using ONLY an iPhone and iMovie – NO COMPUTERS.

Some acknowledge her as the most famous new media filmmaker alive. Because she directed environmental documentaries and invented shark repellent products, she was forced to promote her lifesaving concepts and there was “no way for her to keep silent.” She definitely made waves in the entertainment industry as an aggressive activist who set the world record for the most TV interviews by an environmentalist in a short period – 65 TV interviews in 3.5 years.

Every interview is online on such channels like and she credits the gorgeous team at for assisting her in spreading her messages, getting her on TV so often, and garnering her the Harvard Supermodel Activist of the Decade Award. If you would like to qualify for a Harvard-branded award, visit their website and tell them this Supermodel Lifetime Achievement Award winner sent you!

Because each and every one of these TV interviews were environmentally slanted and “utterly unavoidable” she had to be officially waived for talking by numerous other authenticated supermodels in order for her to retain her official supermodel status.

Finally, her 3rd critical cause is about how the planet’s gasoline infrastructure is confirmed to be collapsing as of Spring 2018. Yes, as the world’s most televised environmentalist she confirms that, along with trusted officials in various related industries. That means come Spring 2018 there will be no travel, no commerce, no electricity, no gasoline, or social infrastructure like hospitals or department of sanitation. She and her team of well-respected notables have prepared a comprehensive and complimentary tip sheet on how to transition to a world without electricity or gasoline, on

The tip sheet is well written as she is also a #1 bestselling author of four books. One of them, “Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: The 5 Most Important Wellness of All Time” encourages one to live as an eternally youthful immortal. It is mega endorsed by Oscar winners, Grammy winners, top athletes, and all sorts of celebrities. And yes, also by the supermodel legend who set the world record for the most magazine covers.

With all these amazing accomplishments, we at “Sustainable Citizenship” congratulate her for her well-deserved Supermodel Lifetime Achievement Award, which was also given by “Fully Hot” You may directly access that “Fully Hot” award with more photos of her by visiting  

Since it should be clear by now that one would never qualify simply by being a pretty face to claim supermodel status without heavily supporting a charity, this A List supermodel shares Ho’ola Na Pua as a worthwhile cause if you would like to sink your teeth into improving the world and yourself, which will translate into more radiant beauty. meets the unique needs in recovery from the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Their program also gladly welcomes sponsors and benefactors!


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