Andrew Thompson and Landmark Advisors announces the launch of new business advisory services looking to assist business owners with the need of including a brokers in their businesses for sale.

Mr. Thompson suggests that a business owner selling a business should always consider listing your business with a business broker. Similarly, if you need to buy a service or a business, contacting a business broker is the best option to take. He further reveals the functions of a business broker and why they are needed; essentially business brokers serve as professional middlemen between both buyers who need a service and their potential customers and business owners selling a service and their potential buyers.

The author notes that a business buyer or seller should enlist the services of a professional broker when they aren’t sure of making the right business decision or the right offer to go for. He further explains that brokers are professionals who already know the market, what to look out for and pitfalls to avoid. They know how to navigate the murky water of business transactions to close a deal successfully.

Mr. Thompson’s new business advisory service covers business acquisition and brokerage. His professional services require having the following necessary skills as a broker and business advisory expert:

–      the broker must have a commitment to follow through with each business deal and successfully close it

–      a broker must have superior marketing experience in handling businesses for both buyers and sellers

–      a broker must be highly proficient at negotiation and diplomacy to be able close deals. Andrew makes it clear that this is one of the most important skills a broker must have to be considered successful.

Furthermore, he explains how business brokers are paid. They earn commissions based off the sale of a business. The fee paid to the broker is dependent on the payment model used and the most common one used is the ‘Double Lehman’ model that requires being paid a specific percentage of the deal amount. Andrew reveals that some expert brokers prefer being paid a non-refundable retainer fee upfront to make up for the cost of handling the business transaction. He advocates reaching a concrete agreement on all elements of the business before getting started.


Andre Thompson is a professional business advisory consultant who recently established a professional business acquisition and brokerage service dedicated to helping business owners conduct the business of buying and selling successfully. He has successfully written several published articles in top blogs and financial websites.

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