Houston Personal Trainer, Brice Remaley Fitness, Adds a New Member to Its Fitness Team

Brice Remaley Fitness, one of Houston’s leading Personal Trainers welcomes a new member to its team.

Houston, TX Brice Remaley Fitness, one of Houston’s leading Personal Trainers welcomes a new member to its team.

Brice Remaley Fitness is dedicated to getting their clients in tip-top shape. Their trainers make sure that their clients are focused on achieving their goals and that is to get back into shape or to maintain it. Erickson A. loves training with Brice Remaley because of the results he has seen happen to his body. He said, “I have been working out with Brice for more than a year now and I gotta say this man is professional when it comes to working out. He pushes people to do their best and better every day. I recommend this man to everyone. I have gained over 18 pounds of muscle and I am so happy with my results.”

Brice Remaley Fitness wants to fulfill their client’s goals in achieving a better and healthier body. Because of this, this leading personal training company in Houston has added another trainer in its pool of fitness trainers. Heather has been training for 20 years. This Houston personal trainer loves helping people regain their self-confidence as well as motivating them to reach their goals. Heather loves basic bodybuilding, weight training and exhausting the muscle in split workouts. She believes that everyone needs a personal fitness trainer but they need to find someone that will challenge them to go back and achieve their fitness goals.

With the addition of Heather, Brice believes that their different training styles compliment each other to help their clients. With Brice being more high energy and Heather being more relaxed it helps bring a great mix to their workout atmosphere. On busy days when they are both working together Brice Remaley says, “Those times are a little crazy, making sure that everyone is taken care of and using correct form but without talking we bounce back and forth from client to client and get everyone taken care of better than most of the clients who work one on one with their trainer. The key is not engaging in conversation the whole time the client is in the gym. Our clients came to get in shape, not to have someone to complain or gossip with.”

Brice Remaley Fitness is located at 4101 Greenbriar Dr., Suite 100 in Houston, Texas. Brice Remaley Fitness can be reached by phone at (281) 889-4901, by email at brice.remaley@gmail.com, or from their website, https://briceremaley.com. Brice Remaley Fitness helps their clients get into the best shape of their life.  


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