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California, USA, 17 November 2017- A healthy teeth equals a happy smile. Many people suffering from one ailment or mal-condition in their teeth can attest to the fact that this condition can be very frustrating, painful and depressing. It is capable of ruining the victim’s happiness and denying them some opportunities that come with a healthy smile. That is why every individual who values the health of their teeth and associated body system needs the services of a high quality professional Periodentist like Dr. Justin Ranaan.

Dr. Justin Ranaan is a dental specialist that focuses on the supporting structures around teeth and the diseases and conditions that may affect them. He is professionally equipped with over 4 years of dental school plus three years of extensive advanced training in the latest techniques for prevention, diagnosis, treatment of gum disease. Additionally, He is a specially trained expert in the placement, maintenance, and repair of dental implants. Dr. Justin can perform cosmetic periodontal plastic surgery procedures to improve the aesthetics of his patient’s smile.

Dr. Raanan’s quality service involves gathering information from patients, reviewing their medical history, nutritional evaluation, examining their mouths, and discussing treatment and therapy options. Dr. Raanan strongly believes that “Saving your natural teeth should always be your first choice when dental care is needed”. The gum and bone surrounding the teeth are the foundations to stable healthy mouth.

Dr. Justin Ranaan says “I believe that everyone should have a smile that makes them feel confident. The aesthetic concerns that occur as a result of gum disease or losing a tooth can be very stressful and disconcerting. Utilizing the advancements in Periodontal plastic surgery and my knowledge in minimally invasive techniques, we are able to aesthetically enhance your natural smile. It is my commitment to provide exceptional quality care and comfort to my patients in helping them look and feel their very best”

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About Dr. Justin Ranaan

Dr. Justin Raanan was born and raised in Beverly Hills. He graduated with Magna Cum Laude Latin Honors from the University of California, Los Angeles in Anthropology Biological Science (B.S). He further pursued his passion for dentistry at the University Of Southern California School Of Dentistry and graduated with honors. Dr. Raanan earned his certificate in Periodontology and obtained a Master of Medical Sciences (MMSc) in oral biology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

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