Limerence Watches to Offer Quality Luxury Watches Without Breaking the Customer’s Bank

Kickstarter Campaign Planned For Future Sales to Promote Special Watches

November 17, 2017: An upcoming Kickstarter campaign will soon start up to raise funds for the production of a unique luxury watch line from Limerence. The company is promoting its work as being unique and spectacular in its own special way.

Limerence is working with several standards to help with producing quality watches. The timepieces being made are designed with strict details in mind. But while they are made with quality in mind and are designed to be beautiful, they are especially made to be available at a sensible price that more people can afford.

Limerence is looking for funds through Kickstarter to help attain its goal of producing luxury watches that are affordable and unique. The company is aiming to sell its watches directly to the customers to reduce the prices of those watches even further, thus making them all the more accessible.

The watches being produced by Limerence include many strong options that are made with particular standards in mind. The Arctic Ocean watch features a silver dial with blue markings while the Ocean Blue model offers a Norwegian fjord-influenced design with a deep blue color all around. The Northern Elegance watch is also promoted as a brownish watch influenced by the Nidarosdomen church.

The watches are designed with a strong attention to detail in mind and are very luxurious in their appearances. These are expected to be made available to the public in the near future but people can visit to sign up for the company’s email list.

The upcoming Kickstarter campaign will be promoted to those who sign up for emails. People will get information on VIP pricing that is available exclusively to them after sending their emails out. All email members will be the first to get special early bird discounts. This includes information on the pending Kickstarter campaign that will be promoted very soon.

People are encouraged to visit to sign up for updates and information on these luxury watches. These are designed to be more affordable than most other watches on the market and will be inviting to all those aiming to get fine watches they are bound to love without spending too much.

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Company Name: Limerence Watches
Contact Person: Andreas
Country: Norway