Diamond Hydro Introduces Discounts and Auto-pilot Ordering for Commercial Growers and Gardeners

(November 17, 2017) – Commercial growers and gardeners can now stay focused on their core business, as ordering nutrients, soil and other required equipment on Diamondhydro.com comes with attractive discounts and automatic re-ordering.

Diamondhydro.com is a new online store for commercial growers and medical and recreational marijuana gardeners that offers not only automatic re-ordering and auto-pilot facility for procuring all essential items, but also near wholesale prices with 20 percent discount.

Commercial growers and gardeners require an efficient ordering process for procuring all the essential hydroponics, nutrients and additives, climate control modules and other tools to keep their business viable and growing. This allows entrepreneurs to stay focused on expanding their business by decreasing the amount of time ordering grow products. Diamondhydro.com has exclusively been set up to become the go-to store for all commercial growers to streamline their procurement process.

Diamondhydro.com has launched an exclusive Diamond Membership that comes with an attractive 20 percent discount. The website is also equipped to set up automatic re-ordering and set it on auto-pilot so that their essential supplies are renewed at the right time. The discounted prices are just 10 percent above the cost for the store.

“By using the automatic re-ordering feature and taking the benefits of low prices, we offer the required edge to commercial growers’ businesses,” said a spokesperson from Diamondhydro.com.

Among other things, the online store features a wide range of supplies, such as fluorescent lighting and electrical components, soil, premium nutrients, ventilation, air-purification, timing and dehumidification equipment, and hydroponics supplies such as pots and containers, water pumps, water heaters and chillers, sprayers, wands, and water treatment devices.

For more information, please visit: www.diamondhydro.com

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