Creator of Spider Disc Games, AJ Play LLC, Launches Kickstarter

Funds generated from the crowdfunding campaign will help the toy company to manufacture and distribute its products, and additional funds will go towards developing more fun toys.

ST. HELENS, Ore. — AJ Play LLC is a family-owned toy development and distribution company, which was founded eight years ago with its introductory product, the UberDart. After a few years of success, the company was put on hold due to the recession. AJ Play is ready once again to distribute its engaging and active games for kids and adults to play. The company recently introduced its new and exciting sports game, Spider Disc Games, which can be taken anywhere. Now, the founder is seeking funding through Kickstarter in order to get his interactive games back into stores.

“I started AJ Play in order to create fun games for the whole family, and to encourage interactive play,” said Jacob Jones, founder of AJ Play LLC.

Jones decided to create Spider Disc Games and restart his company after a terrifying brush with death. A dispute between two of his neighbors quickly turned into a gun shooting. When Jones went to offer assistance to the victim, the shooter pointed a gun at him. Using his martial arts training, he was able to disarm the man and pin him to the ground until the police arrived. The experience made him reevaluate his life and prioritize his dream of creating outdoor games. The local police department recognized Jones by awarding him the St. Helens Civilian Medal of Heroism and later he was given the Carnegie Hero Award.

Spider Disc Games is a fast-play activity for groups of families or friends, and is fully assembled in the USA. The game’s tag line is “Take anywhere, play anywhere.” The system is made up of a Velcro pole, which is easy to set up, and discs with Velcro straps. The object of the game is to throw the disc and have it attach to the pole. Different colors are indicated on the pole, which offer a point system. Various play options are available and the company offers examples of how to play on the website at

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will be launched in April, and the company plans to award backers with the opportunity to earn discounted prices on its games and toys. AJ Play plans to donate ten percent of its profit from its first quarter sales to the Carnegie Foundation. To become a supporter, visit [website].

About AJ Play LLC:

AJ Play LLC was founded in 2009 by Jacob Jones, who is passionate about promoting friendly activity amongst family and friends. The company’s first product was the UberDart, a safe dart that is fully made of foam. After being well received, and picked up by more than 300 independent and specialty retailers, a line of Uber products were developed including the UberBall. The small start up experienced an economic low during the recession, and was set aside for a few years. Now, AJ Play is ready to make its comeback and has developed a new and exciting outdoor game, Spider Disc Games. Follow the success of Spider Disc Games on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Spider Disc Games has also been featured in The Toy Insider 2016 top summer toys, Woman’s Day Magazine and other great publications.

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