More Female Student Drivers Seeking All-Girl Driving Schools

Wiltshire, UK—On average,the number of people who fail their driver’s test in the UK each year is 50%. The daunting statistic also entails that many people each year are spending more than is necessary on driving tests, considering the average cost for a test figures around 300 pounds. The cost of the test and the desire to pass in order to acquire the privileges of a license are why many student drivers seek the services of a driving school. A surprising recent trend is showing that more female student drivers are seeking instruction in all-girl driving schools from place such as The Driving Genie.

Learning to drive can either be a stressful or a great experience, and much of that experience depends on the style and method of instruction. If a family friend is providing the instruction, then there is a sense of familiarity and comfort, but also the risk that the student will not learn effectively. On the other hand,if it’s a professional with years of experience providing the instruction, then the student knows they’re in safe hands. The desire to find the right balance between receiving lessons in a comfortable setting while also acquiring the most effective instruction to pass the driving test on the first try is why more female student drivers are seeking all-girls driving programs.

Female driving schools make up about 15% to 20% of driving schools in the Swindon area, but many of these schools pose problems for first-time student drivers because they are difficult to get into. The Driving Genie is seeking to change that by making their school more accessible for student drivers. The Driving Genie is a family-run driving school that offers driving lessons in Swindon. They have lessons that are affordable and promise to help their students pass their test on the first try. While they offer general driving instruction, they also have a specialised female driving school in Swindon.Students are encouraged to request a female driving instructor in Swindon to better suit their comfort and skill levels. Compared to other driving instruction programs, The Driving Genie program only asks a few questions to get to know their students level of expertise and create a driving plan from that.

With the rise in students seeking all-girls driving lessons in Swindon, it is clear that the services provided by schools such as The Driving Genie will prove to be invaluable. With their affordable pricing, and highly-trained instructors, The Driving Genie provides a way for those who want to drive and acquire the skills to pass their driving test to navigate a clear path to success.

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