The first international preschool education summit was grandly held

At the nineteenth meeting of the just-concluded National People’s Congress,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in particular that “giving priority to education”.The early childhood education is the foundation of all education and enlightenment. The importance of early education of infants and young children has long been a consensus in the world of education, Early education in our country is also increasingly valued by the government, society and families.

November 10, 2017,Conform to the requirements of the times, respond to the national call, Organized by the China Academy of Management Science Advisory Committee of Experts, GYMBABY joint motion baby early childhood era hosted the first international summit in early childhood education (IECES) held a grand Beijing Grand Skylight Catic Hotel.

The summit with “exploration, innovation, intellectual extension, the future” as the theme,We will conduct in-depth discussions around the development of “China’s pre-school education in a global perspective” and share the developments of the global early-warning education.

At the meeting the authority over education leaders from the United States, Australia, France, Japan, China and other countries,Up and down the industrial chain industry leading brands, more than the mainstream media at home and abroad, as well as more than 100 domestic and foreign experts composed of Early Learning .During the summit, everyone made an in-depth discussion on the importance of the development of early childhood education, the development trend of China’s early childhood education, the standard of early education industry and many other topics. The conference faces the key, difficult and breakthrough point in the development of early education industry, looks forward to the development trend of early education in China, seeks for the impetus for industry restructuring and development, and seeks the universal development space and development opportunities for the early education industry in China

Mr. Hu Jinlan, Director of Institute of Educational Innovation of China Academy of Management Sciences and Executive Deputy Director of Expert Advisory Committee, addressed the organizers.Hu’s speech strategically advantageous position, from the direction of national policy, the development of education and other early education for the development of infants and young children put forward guiding opinions and high hopes.

Explore innovative early childhood education industryExplore innovative early childhood education industry,Expert guidance development

Mr. Mei Yiqi, the first president of Tsinghua University, once said a very classic saying: “The quality of the school depends on whether there are many good professors”This sentence incisive revealed the essence of education .At this International Summit on Early Childhood Education, we are very happy to see the “big building” and the “great master”.

Chinese Ministry of Education, Teacher Development Foundation, former Secretary-General,Chairman of the Board of Education of China Education Society, Mr. Yang Chunmao, Course Specialist, School of Continuing Education, Peking University, for many years engaged in the theory and practice of improving the quality of teachers. He expounded the urgent problems to be solved in the future development of China’s early childhood education from the perspective of the fundamental development of education – the construction of a contingent of teachers.

Prof. Zhang Lifu from Taiwan, China, has been engaged in educational exchanges across the Taiwan Strait for many years and has rich experience in education and teaching.He has shared with the public the progress made in the course of reality and some problems that remain to be solved from the practical cases of teaching interaction in many urban areas across the Taiwan Strait and a large amount of detailed and detailed data in these years.

East China Jiaotong University Professor, Institute of Mother Education, Professor Wang Donghua for many years engaged in mother education.Mother in the early childhood education in the end what kind of position? The level of mother education in all countries in the world? Chinese mothers of the status quo? Is the issue of their own literacy or social cognition?Professor Wang Donghua have made one by one analysis.

Jon Metric, an American professor engaged in international education exchanges for more than 40 years, brings together the advanced concepts of early childhood education in many western countries and the corresponding international academic research and practice. Even more rare is Mr. Jon Metric came to China a dozen years ago to begin the international education exchange. He is the principal of international kindergartens in several cities in China and has also been the principal of international schools in many countries in the world. He is very grateful to the organizers and organizers for this academic exchange opportunities, especially GYMBABY Sports recognized his broad vision of the international community has a broad pattern, with the world’s advanced early childhood education concept, are willing to jointly contribute to China’s early education.

Professor Zhang Fengwei, an education expert at Beijing Normal University, started from big data and analyzed and explored the future trend of individual development of early childhood education. And explored the worldwide significance of science and technology for the promotion of education and the pregnant baby industry.

Uchida Uchida, chairman of the Japan Forest Kindergarten Federation, also made a special video from Japan. He congratulated this International Preschool Education Summit on behalf of all my colleagues in Japan’s forest nursery school. We also hope that after the meeting, we will conduct further communication and exchange to jointly promote the future development of the international preschool education industry.

Chi-dimensional future multiple thinking collision, enthusiastic audience interaction

At the summit, experts conducted a multi-level analysis on “the integration and development of forerunner industries in the global context and the forefront of trends”, and engaged in multicultural studies exchanges (including sports, language, arts, music, drama, children’s psychology and life education And other fields) also shared their long-term exposure to the concepts of early childhood education of all ethnic groups in the world and the advanced educational concepts and valuable educational practices they experienced in the exchange process from their respective professional perspectives.

National Women’s Judo Team Coach, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games judo champion Yang Xiuli. In preparation for the training period is still busy schedule came to support the summit, she shared the impact of exercise on children. In recent years, Yang Xiuli, who has been unanimously engaged in promoting sports and promoting children, hopes that Chinese babies will have immortal Olympic spirit.
ATA TESOL College English classroom training Dean and expert trainer, JAM Drama Funhouse founder Professor Jerry Zhang for many years has been interactive experience-based teaching research and practice. At this summit, he used a vivid and experiential presentation to bring the participating guests into his experiential teaching philosophy. The guests enjoyed active interaction and enthusiastic response.

Chinese parent-child music leader Ye Shengtao, one of his most well-known identity is Hunan Satellite TV phenomenal level program “Where is Daddy going” theme song producer,In fact, Mr. Ye Shengtao for many years has a lot more outstanding achievements and contributions in the parent-child music,Mr. Ye Shengtao is called the parent-child music godfather is no exaggeration.As Hunan Satellite TV, CCTV Spring Festival gold medal music producer, his wonderful sharing so that we better understand the impact of music on the early development of infants and young children,Let everyone also look forward to the future development of Chinese children’s music.

NIKO DE LA FAYE, all from the art world charm – France’s world-renowned installation artist, visual artist.In the field of art there is not only no national boundaries but also no age.Like a child, this world-renowned artist uses his unique artistic charm to share with his guests about children, creativity, and art.

Dr. Peng Yiping, a famous visual artist, photographer, writer and art collector from Taiwan, China, had studied in Paris and traveled to the world with the ability to speak five languages.She shared the art she touches, as well as the art education of children felt in all countries of the world.The French children’s film festival she shared attracted all the interest and admiration.What she mentioned about the selection and education of children’s picture book, and the overseas parents’ ability to cultivate their children’s early reading skills have once again aroused the thinking and heated discussion of all the people present.Dr. Peng Yiping is also the invited expert of organizer GYMBABY and will share the live lecture for the majority of member families on the next day’s “GYMBABY HuaMao Store”.

Zhou Yanyang, an associate professor at the School of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University, shared her research projects on children’s and adolescent design and her experience in these projects.

GYMBABY CEO Miss Chen Yun. By the industry known as “early education Queen” Miss Chen Yun, at the helm of the sports goods is the leader of domestic high-end early childhood brand. Standing at the height of the entire early education industry, she put forward many constructive suggestions from the perspective of standardization and standardization, which aroused many resonance among those present in the industry.


GYMBABY CEO Chen Yun to “GYMBABY”, for example, to show you the main international standards for early education. She mentioned that outstanding international early education should include international and rich educational concept, the international personnel construction and operation system, with strong international capabilities such as IP.

According to Chen Yun introduction, GYMBABY as a domestic leader in early education with more than 300 offline early education brand leader, with a national talent supply side, and Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, New York PARSON, University of Cambridge, dozens of By cooperating with GYMBABY, experts and scholars from top universities in the world cooperate with GYMBABY to develop and upgrade the curriculum that conforms to the growth system of Chinese children, teach toys, and form a “Early Learning Talent think tank.”

GYMBABY also became the first “talent training base” for early education industry certified by SASAC National Professional Reserve Commission this year. In addition, she also GYMBABY original professional early childhood education products “Rabbit BeiBei IP Series”, for example, to create a professional “early education Disney” concept, this series of products and December 2017 will begin.

Global education leaders gathered together to celebrate the grand ceremony

The international preschool education summit, uphold the professional, fair and equitable principle, in the industry has a good reputation and influence of the brand was awarded the award.
Outstanding individuals in the 2017 education sector for children include:”Kay tertiary storytelling” CEO Wang Kai,”You Yang” founder Zhou Zhou,”Warm mom love to share,” founder Zhao Jun Xiao,GYMBABY CEO Chen Yun,VIPKID founder Mi Wenjuan

Among the most influential children’s educators for 2017 are:”Meow sister Early Learning says,” founder Gao Shouyan,”Science Captain” founder Ji Zhongzhan,”Yin Jianli parents school” founder Yin Jianli,”Nian Gao mother” founder Li Danyang,”JAM English drama” founder Zhang Zhi Rui.

2017 Annual obtain the most influential parenting brand are:Kay tertiary storytelling,ZhangTong home,360 children,Yin Jianli parents school,GYMBABY,VIPKID, Leyou(Babies to kids), Loong swim club, Yourbay parent-child library, Rainbow Bubble Run,Doll Master,Tao Le painted,Beituo Bang,YES Media 

The 2017 parent trust brand:Meow sister Early Learning says,Small packet Ma Ma,wisdom Tree,Happy children,Banya,Rice grain mother channel,Ho Chak water purifier,Nian Gao mother,Hot mom gang,Teenstar
Get 2017 best service experience Parent-child brands are:Baby kitchen,Jingle Pie,Feifei rabbit,Small tomato,Miyuejia,Outdoor planet,Qingmiao Children’s oral care,Magic candy,Shengxi Church,Yozao
2017 Best Children’s Products:Langkong children’s electric anti-haze mask,German red face Rotbackchen,Fall in love with air i400 constant oxygen fresh air system,AR globe,Magic Face Puzzle. Facemaker,Plush rocking horse,Paper carver multi-purpose children’s rocking chair,vastellar Wesson Dai Le skin clothing,The ONE piano,Gululu Water Elf,
Obtain the most professional children’s IP:”admit into give the child a good character.””New Year is coming””Babe golden childhood””find Mother””Children’s Etiquette””The best picture books to the children.””Gold Sudoku””Wall Book” series of “Earth’s History””108 baby turtles.””Chiaki good poetry.”

The so-called Hundred Flowers. The 2017 International Preschool Education Summit really achieved an international and industry-wide event. Cross-border dialogue, zero-distance exchanges, together to promote the future development of international early education.

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