Darel Lynwood Long Forms West Indies Home Deals Website to Be Launched on March 26, 2018

Properties for Sale in the West Indies may be viewed on/or before March 26, 2018

Blacksburg, VA – November 17, 2017: Darel Long will be launching the West Indies Home Deals website on March 26, 2018. This new website will link people up to quality properties for sale in the West Indies.

Darel Long is in the middle of the formation phase and the site will then develop the main West Indies Home Deals site in the near future. The general site will be available on March 26 and will feature information on various properties available for sale.

The site is not designed as a brokerage firm or agency. The group on the West Indies Home Deals site buys properties in the West Indies region and then resells them for a profit. Darel Lynwood Long first found about the potential for investing in this region back in 2014 and is looking to link people up to properties that are unique and also work as affordable and potentially viable investments.

The properties opportunity will extend to many West Indies regions.  This is a picturesque area of the West Indies that is very luxurious and is a distinct place for many investment desires.

Long applied for the formation of this site on November 6, 2017 and is expected to get this part of the process finished before the year ends. Proper required documents for long-term settlement will also be filed and utilized as a critical part of forming this business endeavor. Once formation is completed the site will become the business extension for all to view. 

Much of Long’s earnings from his West Indies properties will fund various non-profit organizations as well. These include organizations devoted to animal welfare and veterans support among other functions.  For now and until the end of the year earnings settle private and public debt.

People can sign up for email alerts relating to how the West Indies investment opportunity is coming along. Email members can get information on when the website is launched and regular updates on how the project is moving along. The general goal is to get the official site and investment opportunity up and running on March 26, 2018.

Additional details on the efforts Darel Lynwood Long is providing for West Indies properties can be found at www.westindieshomedeals.com.

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Company Name: West Indies Home Deals
Contact Person: Darel Long
Email: support@longaeronautics.com
Phone: 540-206-9257
Address:PO Box 108071, Blacksburg, VA 24062
Country: United States
Website: www.westindieshomedeals.com