Absolute Solutions Introduces the Truler For Measurement and Cutting Needs

Designed As a Useful Tool For Industrial Sites That Need Exact Measurements

Orange, CA – November 17, 2017: Absolute Solutions has produced a new product that serves as a true evolution for the ruler. The Trulers is an intriguing product that is currently available for sale to people in various industries.

The Trulers is designed to help with measuring stock and can work for many industrial purposes. It is based on a 1×12 and 1×36 and 1×72 ruler and offers a distinct layout.

The general design of the Trulers is made to make it easier for people to measure items for industrial needs. It is perfect for measuring cuts and drilling spaces on any kind of surface. This is needed for industrial purposes where only the most exact types of measurements are good enough.

Arrow points are featured at every quarter-inch on the Trulers. These are used for lining up masking tape for pin striping needs.

Meanwhile, every eighth of an inch features a circle in the middle part of the ruler. These are laid out for measurement purposes for cutting and drilling. These are made with circular designs to make it easier for people to measure all sorts of surfaces including some irregular spaces. These work especially well for handling rivet holes.

The layout works with a flexible body that is slim in design and moves over surfaces without adding too much bulk. This, in turn, adds a good layout that is not too hard to utilize for measurement needs.

Each rule is one inch tall with 12 and 36-inch and 72”options available. The points are measured evenly on each of these surfaces.

A 11×11-inch Trulers eighths circle layout is also available for sale. This is designed for helping people with cutting accurate circles of any diameter. This uses the same points and arrows on the standard Trulers model to create a more useful and easier to follow layout.

Additional information on the Truler models and how to buy them can be found at www.trulers.com. Absolute Solutions is aiming to get the most out of these rulers and to make them more effective and easy to follow. The support being offered through the Truler is designed to be ideal for all those aiming to make their measurement plans easy to follow.

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