Grammar Chic, Inc. Offers Guidance for Outsourcing Content Writing—and Maintaining Quality

Many business owners outsource their content writing efforts—and compromise quality, in the process. According to a new press statement from Grammar Chic, Inc., they don’t have to.

It is increasingly commonplace for business owners to outsource their content writing efforts. When the need arises for a company blog post or press release, they farm it out to a freelancer or an independent writing company. In doing so, some business owners are willing to overlook lapses in quality—but according to a new press statement from Grammar Chic, Inc., such compromises are wholly unnecessary.

“There are ways to ensure that the outsourced writing you receive meets a high threshold of quality—but it requires you to actively vet your writers, and also to manage the process wisely,” says Amanda Clark, the Editor-in-Chief of Grammar Chic.

To begin with, it is important to hire the right people. Generally, a writing company can provide a more complete track record than a freelancer can, even furnishing reviews, work samples, and testimonials. It is also important to hire writers who are native American English speakers.

Business owners are also encouraged to give their writers the proper direction. “Be clear about the audience you are trying to reach and the goals you are trying to achieve,” Clark says. “What are you hoping your reader will do upon digesting your content? How will you gauge your content success? Those are the key questions to consider.” Providing the writers with recommended SEO keywords can be another important way of exerting quality control.

Once an assignment is completed, constructive feedback is essential. “Help the writer to understand your voice, and how you ultimately wish your content to be framed,” Clark advises. “Don’t hesitate to ask for a revision on anything that strikes you as awkward or ineffective, or as simply off-brand.”

Ultimately, demanding quality is important—and for a number of reasons. “The quality of your writing reflects your brand, and the last thing you want is for it to be sloppy,” Clark comments. “What’s more, bad content can sink your prospects of higher Google rankings. Quality control really is important, and by no means unattainable.”

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