The new Fidget Toy Flip Stick is available for free (shipping charges apply) at

Just like the fidget Spinner, the Flip Stick is all set to become the new rage and is available for free at The customers can order a variety of flip sticks free of cost by just paying the shipping charges and nothing else. The website presents a wide range of Flip Sticks in multiple prints and styles. The customers can find the glowing flip sticks in multiple colors, the American flag printed flip stick and more. The website also offers the 2 in 1 flip stick and handspinner toy in various colors.

A Flip Stick is a cylindrical shaped simple desk toy that fulfills the user’s primal urge to fidget. It features a simple design yet provides endless possibilities to test their creative skills. The basic way to play with Flip stick is to tip it or bend it slightly and let it flip on its own. Due to its unique design, the flip stick tends to stand upright after a single or multiple flips, however, there might be instances when it doesn’t stand and falls down on the desk which is why the user will need to master their skill to use it.  They can challenge their friends to move the Flip Sticks around in certain patterns and have fun. It is an amusing toy that uses specific laws of Physics to flip over and stand in the same position again. The idea looks inspired by the popular bottle flipping challenge that took the netizens by storm.

Flip Sticks were originally introduced by Mokuru through the Kickstarter campaign that received a huge response from the backers all around the world. Almost 5000 backers supported the campaign and pre-ordered the Flip Stick through the rewards. Soon after it gained popularity, a number of manufacturers around the world saw the opportunity and started selling Flip Sticks. also offers the original Mokuru flip stick available in multiple solid colors. More variants of Flip sticks can be found on

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