Enter the Fringe wins Best Film, Utah Actor Dave Bresnahan in Lead Role

“Dave Bresnahan plays the role of Nun in Enter the Fringe, part of Acid Reign the series.”
Acid Reign the Series won several film festival awards, including Best Film, for Enter the Fringe, featuring Utah actor Dave Bresnahan in a lead role.

Salt Lake City, Utah – Enter the Fringe has proven to be the quality production, and audience pleaser it was designed to be, according to Utah actor Dave Bresnahan. The film has won a number of awards from the Red Giant Film Festival, including Best Makeup and Wardrobe, Best Cinematography, Best Director (Nathan Riddle), the Audience Choice Award, and Best Film.

“What a pleasure to be associated with such a great project, and be surrounded by a great team of actors and crew. We have a great script from writer Ben Wray, and each of the cast delivered their absolute best to contribute to the overall production,” said Bresnahan. “I am thrilled and honored to be included in the project,” he added.

Bresnahan originally auditioned for a different role, and when Wray and Nathan Riddle, the director, saw his performance they decided to create a new character they say is a perfect fit for Bresnahan.

The Fringe is a vast wasteland of the toxic remains of a world destroyed by the apocalypse. Nun, Bresnahan’ s character, regularly sends crews into the Fringe to scavenge for scarce items. Nun has to be a tough boss to hold on to his business in a world that has been nearly destroyed.

“We expected Dave to bring his A-game to the set, but he surpassed our expectations in every way. He not only gave a great performance as an actor, he has played a significant role in the development of the story and the production. He is a pleasure to work with, and is a professional in every way,” said Riddle.

According to his IMDb listing, Bresnahan’s other recent lead and supporting roles have included Gulag Barashevo, The Chronic Adventure Story, Bogie and Bacall, and Solar. He has also produced 11 films. He is currently in development for a major feature film The Duke of Tralee, which is a true story about baseball from 1900 to 1910.

Bresnahan is represented by Shielia Erickson of Broadway Talent. “Dave Bresnahan is an actor who plays so many versatile roles – from a priest, to a coach, to a school teacher, doctor, and even a tough no-nonsense ruler, and his dry wit comedy is hilarious. Not only is his look so versatile, but his ability to inspire the audience by his acting and natural depth of his character development,” described Erickson.

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