Marketing Efforts Taken To Homes and Offices as Corporate Turn to Personalized Coasters

The most important rule in marketing and advertising other than creating the best content is humanizing the brand. While some efforts succeed, others fail blatantly. At the same time, the most successful strategies become stale after some time, and people have to create a new script to sell their products or services with.

Fortunately, Love Coasters understands the humanizing element in marketing all too well. After years of research, they determined that corporates have a better chance of improving their brand visibility by creating small pieces with the corporate’s name and message. In this case, they brought buyers – Love Coasters. As the name suggests, they make coasters which buyers will love. Coasters are delightful accessories that make meal times memorable and also protect furniture. They are indispensable, and buyers can never have enough coasters.

Varieties of coasters

The best way to meet the needs of every corporate is by using custom coasters. This is because every business would like its face in every building or home. Love Coasters meets this need by customizing coasters using different materials. All these are in the LovePromos section.

Gift coasters: a gift coaster is made using anything from leather to ceramic. There is a wide selection coasters people can choose from.

Cork coasters: if people are looking for an eco-friendly promotional solution, they can try cork coasters printed with their company’s logo and cut in their preferred shape. Cork is renewable, it grows fast and makes absorbent coasters.

Pulpboard coasters: these make the best beer coasters and work best for bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Rubber coasters: they are beautiful because of the printed fabric toppings and also recyclable.

Stone coasters: these are durable and promise to make an impact in buyer next promotional event.

Other products

In the LovePromos section, buyer will also find napkins, matchbooks, coffee mugs, matchboxes, Nalgene boxes, tote bags, camelback water bottles, promotional glasses, drawstring bags and shopping bags, among others.

Order Processing

To get the coasters and any other promotional material, place the order and give the details of the specific expected delivery date. The company will then confirm their availability using their production dates to prevent delays. The products will reach the buyer as expected.

People can also make orders for schools or a government agency because Love Coasters can produce as many products as needed.

About Love Coasters

Love Coasters is a 7-year old Kansas-based company that specializes in promotions and other marketing efforts. Through their LovePromos department owned by Snap Promotions LLC, they make promotional items including but not limited to coasters and coffee mugs. They offer customized promotional and branding solutions. For more information, kindly visit

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