Canada Medlaser Clinics Offers Permanent Makeup, Eyebrows & Lip Injections

Canada MedLaser clinics provides various treatments, such as laser hair removal, CoolSculpting, skin treatments, body treatments, cosmetic injections, hair growth, anti-aging, and nail fungus treatment.  

CML Canada Medlaser Clinics offers permanent makeup and eyebrows – since first being introduced in the 1930s permanent makeup has gained popularity especially for busy women who simply don’t have the time for a makeup routine.  However, with our permanent makeupand eyebrowprocedure for only 60 minutes a year a woman can look her best all year long.  Who can argue with that concept? 

CML Canada Medlaser Clinics also has a medicalpeel treatment which will make your skin look and feel years younger.  Our medicalpeel and microdermabrasion will leave your skin radiant and smooth.  Are you suffering from acne scars from your teenage years?  Well, if so, CML Canada Medlaser Clinics as the treatment for you—our acne scar treatment use the technology of lasers to permanently remove those acne scars.  Even cabpable of removing darker scars that have been there for years.  We have a PRP Platelet Rich Plasma (Vampire Facelift) which has results that are better than Botox; this PRP treatment removes wrinkles, scarring, dark circles under the eyes, and age spots.  This non-surgical treatment has no chance of infection either, because it’s used with the person’s own blood.  We also perform a treatment known as the  microneedling, this treatment was originated during the late 1990s in North America.  This treatment involves the use of tiny needles injected into the skin, stimulating collagen whileexfoliating the skin, plumping it up and helping to speed up the cell turnover rate which retains water in the skin, giving the skin a moisturized and smoother texture. CML Canada MedLaser Clinics has lip injectionsto give the lips a fuller, more youthful appearance.  Our selection of lip fillers offers little or no down time.  This is a cosmetic procedure that is also used to correct lip irregularities caused by trauma, the normal age process, or surgery.  

About Us:

Canada Medlaser Clinics beauty and body treatments bring a certain harmony to the body.  Our treatments are always custom to each client unique needs; and our service is uncompromising.  Our core values stand beside our wish to provide an excellence in service as well as hospitality.  We have experienced therapists, aestheticians and doctors to perform all treatments and procedures. 

We stand behind our work 100%, if a customer s not completely satisfied, they can request a full refund for the treatment.

Aesthetics medical chain, Canada Medlaser Clinics is for all Canadians.  We understand that there is a uniqueness and beauty to all skin types.  We design our treatment plans to fit all budgets, with 36 months financing available.  

We have a commitment to our clients and the community.  Believing that everyone has the right to look as beautiful as they feel.  Each month we offer a complimentary skin care treatment to a member of the community who otherwise could not enjoy our products.  Go online to our Facebook page and enter to win a complimentary cosmetic treatment. 

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Phone: 1-855-633-7721
Address:2780 Hyw 7, Unit 110, Vaughn (Concord)
City: Toronto
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