November 20, 2017 — The fight to keep people away from smoking cigarettes has been on for decades now, today’s headlines feature Simply ELiquid assuming an active role to make this come to fruition. The company is looking to help more people protect their lives with the e-cigarettes, a more healthy and enjoyable way to enjoy a smoke.

Smoking is an addiction that most victims are looking to cast behind them but can’t find enough motivation to get it done. For obvious reasons cigarette smokers are looking to quit the act, but apparently, it is easier said than done. Simply ELiquid is urging every smoker to quit smoking by looking forward to vaping when the new year comes (2018). In more recent times, vaping of e-cigarettes is earning rave reviews all over the world as a viable alternative looking usurp the unsafe smoking of ordinary cigarettes.

Cigarette smoking has been associated with many deaths and deadly diseases since it’s inception, it was always going to be a matter of time before a solution popped up, vaping e-cigarettes. The e-cigarette company reiterates that vaping is miles better than the chemical-laden cigarettes. They offer a no-tar or fumes smoking experience with a bunch of sweet flavors to enjoy while vaping. The re-usable e-cigarettes offer something close to a life time investment on smoking. With the e-cigarettes and vaping, smokers don’t have to be too apologetic around nonsmokers because it leaves the immediate air with a sweet aroma instead of the toxic smell of burnt tobacco and chemicals.

Simply ELiquid is looking to champion the course to have all smokers switch to vaping in 2018 for the sheer benefits of a healthier lifestyle and chance to save loads of money from current smoking habits. The company is backing up words with action by creating a one-stop store for e-cigarettes, vaping flavors, ELiquid, Ecig Kits and accessories.


Simply ELiquid is a U.K. based vendor in supplying consumers with Ecig kits, ELiquid and accessories. Since inception, the company has been one of the most viable fighters for safe smoking in the world by getting actively involved. The company value is summed in this one quote from their webpage, “Our aim to make sure people switch to e cigs in 2018, to live a more healthier life. By switching they won’t just live longer, they will also save a lot of money.”


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