The Join Of Smart Electric Wheelchairs Further Strengthen The Status Of Airwheel

In Airwheel, there are dozens of models and each of them has their own features, for instance, the S6 and S8 are featured by the dual ride mode—siting and standing mode and R series are known for the three ride modes. While, different from other models, Airwheel electric wheelchairs are designed for riders who are wheelchair-bound and further strengthen the status of Airwheel.

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Airwheel A series 2 wheel electric scooter was firstly released in 2014 with only one subtype A3 the first sitting posture electric scooter which enjoyed a very large consumer base since it came into being. For one thing, the two-wheeled design was a great innovation. For another, it sleek and contoured because of elaborate design. It is reputed as the trophy piece of scooters. In 2017, another model joined to A series—A6S as well as H3 power wheelchair, the founding model of H series. They are composed of vehicle frame, wheels, seat, handrails, storage battery, motor and controller, etc.
Airwheel A6S
Both A6S and H3 have made many breakthroughs. Airwheel A6S self-balancing electric wheelchair is still equipped with two-wheeled design and standing-posture riding mode. Based on delicate design, A6S is as fashionable and sleek as A3. However, just inheriting advantages from the old versions cannot live up to the reputation. Airwheel A6S has been through all-round upgrades and optimizations. A6S self-balancing wheelchair is made of special aviation aluminium alloy, being lighter and more durable, shockproof and anti-bumper. On the one hand, A6S adopts two 14-inch giant tyres. Relies on such giant tyres, it is adaptable to any rugged road conditions. It will be never a challenge to A6S whether it is bumpy mountain road or rugged forest-path. H3 is proud of its automatic folding system and front 12.5 inch large wheels in Omni-directional wheel design making it super flexible and convenient. The reducer with dual back drivers is used to ensure the stability and reliability of driving.
Airwheel H3
Their branded lithium batteries provide larger power storage capacity and longer range. Meanwhile, long-distance travel has been possible. Besides, saving storage space is another advantage, because it is foldable. It can be folded and put in the trunk easily. To conclude, the release of Airwheel electric wheelchairs arises the attention of people who have difficulty in walking and further strengthens the status of Airwheel.

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