Andrew Padnick marries brand development with D2C strategy

Andrew Padnick is making a name for himself with the ability to strattle the related yet differing worlds of brand development and D2C sales strategy.

Andrew Padnick possesses a diverse breadth of knowledge covering a full scope of marketing activities.  Via his marketing company Gobclick, Andrew Padnick creates and deploys global internet media programs that yield a consistent flow of unique, cultivated consumers, all at the optimal cost per lead. Andrew Padnick utilizes both CPC and CPM purchases to fulfill his clients advertising goals.

Consider a 360 degree media partner like Andrew Padnick and Gobclick to implement the complete series of duties necessary to direct a one of a kind internet media campaign.   Andrew Padnick has the knowledge, drive, and experience needed to effectively deliver results and help businesses achieve their goals.

At Andrew Padnick’s direction, his team conceives and develops strategies with creativity at the center of the wheel because negotiating and purchasing low cost media is not the full story.

Collectively, this team has spent more than 10 years conceptualizing, executing and managing advertising campaigns.  In total,  Andrew Padnick has contracted and implemented tens of thousands of media buys generating millions of clicks for his clients.

The intersection of creation and implementation is energized by an experienced interdisciplinary group. GobClick strives to rise above customary brand showcasing in order to provide a 360 degree solution to its clients.

With the exponential growth in digital advertising, it’s important to find a partner that is focused on the diverse and readily changing digital channels utilized by consumers.  Andrew Padnick and his team constantly monitor new platforms, software, and digital trends and techniques that can be utilized in both B2B snd B2C marketing campaigns.

Whether it’s a brand exploration or a comprehensive online sales funnel with a drip email campaign, Andrew Padnick and Gobclick have the expertise to help your business.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Gobclick
Contact Person: Andrew Padnick
Phone: 888-411-9170
Address:8605 Santa Monica Blvd. #93678
City: Los Angeles
Country: United States