Glasgow, Strathclyde,20 November 2017-  Over the years, software productions have been one of the vices used in enhancing rapid technological advancements. The Continous effort made by developers to create new software or to improve old ones cannot be overemphasized.It cannot be argued that there is a joy attached to being able to access things easily, which is why software is required. Recognizing the vital role of arts in the society and seeing art as nature representational method, Richard Thomas launches a software called “Word Art Print”.As its name implies, Word Art App is to produce word art prints. Word Art Print is a software that allows even novice users the chance to produce stunning artwork in a short time frame and its aim is to help produce top quality Word Art prints at fantastic prices using an advanced new app.

The peculiarity of this software lies in the fact that it is the first of its kind and above all its production of a MASSIVE selection of templates, which requires a blend of talent, mind work, imagination, illustration, representation of ideas and emotions, which all requires perfection. And this perfection is what the software “World Art Print” is designed to achieve. Such that, color suggestions, effects, perfect lines and new fonts, such as Franchise bold (default) , Impact, C794 Roman regular, PT Sans Regular, Typewriter, Kaushan Script regular, Headline one, Gouldy bookletter,Chrysanthi Regular, Times are being introduced.

Word Art App is a site where one can go and have a huge choice of designs for any occasion, add words and have it printed and sent quickly. However, this app is aimed more at the hobbyist or for people that produce these prints on a commercial basis.

According to Richard Thomas “Word Art Prints is a new exciting app that will allow users to produce personalized framed art in seconds, this really is a break software app and that, despite having a stack of more choices, will also be less expensive for the customer . To access the app ,which is under Richard Thomas Ltd. Check: http://www.wordartprints.com/

However, Richard Thomas Ltd will launch www.wordartprints.com, a website devoted to Word Art Prints on 24/11/2017.

About Richard Thomas Ltd

Richard Thomas is from the UK and has been working online for 14 years fulltime as first an affiliate marketer and more recently producing his own products. Having created a number of products that have been reasonably successful.  For the past 2 years, he has been concentrating on design and art prints as they are his real passion. Richard Thomas Ltd has developed a number of popular software products that have served the market.

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