Kiddy Kiddo US launches fun board games for kids and the whole family

Kiddy Kiddo US has launched some of the most unique and entertaining board games that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The company specializes in creating fun board games for the family that is aimed to provide a great time, and connecting the family members together while also enhancing creative skills of the player. So far, it has introduced four board games namely, Noah’s Ark, Noah’s Ark Deluxe, Flying Ninja and Dino Adventure.

Noah’s Ark is a balancing game that requires the player to balance the animal figures on the Noah’s Ark. The box contains 30 animal figurines that need to be balanced carefully on the wooden ark. The game is over when one animal rocks the boat and knocks all the other animals of off the Noah’s Ark. This game comes with a deluxe version as well, that includes 50 animal figurines. Both the versions include 1 Ark, 1 animal facts book and 1 game card deck. To play the game, the player will need to draw a card from the deck and find their animal figurine. They can read the fun facts out loud and place the animal on the ark without tipping it over. After all the animal cards have been drawn, the players can continue placing any animals in front of them on Noah’s ark and the first player with no animals in front of them wins.

Another board game available at Kiddy Kiddo is Flying Ninja, which is a high energy game that tests the focus and attentiveness of the player. They’ll need to fly their Ninja into the Japanese castle to steal hidden treasures. This game includes 4 Ninjas, 1 Japanese castle, card deck and few other components. There are two ways to play this game which are explained in the game description. Talking about the game, one customer says in their review, “I bought this as a Christmas gift for my kids. This game is so simple and so fun. Great gathering time!”.

The customers can also find the Dino Adventure board game that requires the players to save their dinosaur from going extinct. It’s an easy to play a game of color and strategy suitable for kids aged 4 and above. The box contains 6 dinosaur figurines, 1 game board, 1 spinner and 1 game card deck.

Kiddy Kiddo is developed by a father, dedicating it to his daughters. The founder began his career in manufacturing before having the idea to build a meaningful business to pass his commitment to the social and emotional education of his daughters to everyone. Going by his brand’s slogan “Family, Connection, Learning” he strives to develop games that are fun, educational, boost creativity among the children and the whole family can connect with each other while playing these games. More information about the board games can be found at

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