AQUOGEN: Water and Breathable Oxygen On-The-Go

Designed in order to make water and oxygen more accessible to you in the places where you need them the most.

November 20, 2017: The Aquogen bottle has just been launched through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. This is a unique bottle that helps people who need water and oxygen on the go or when they need it the most in today’s environment.

Aquogen is a water bottle that stores oxygen refills for on demand oxygen. It is a refillable and reusable bottle that provides the user with enough oxygen on the go. This helps to those who suffer from fatigue on a regular basis and needs extra help or people who are into sports and adventures and would love to have that extra oxygen boost.

This works with individual oxygen containers that contain pure oxygen. This allows the user to comfortably get the oxygen when required. It is also easy to switch out oxygen bottles to ensure that user can quickly get the air he/she needs for any intention.

The bottle has a 27-ounce serving size plus support for up to 25 full breaths of oxygen. It also comes in four different colors.

The product was inspired by a general need to help people to get the most out of the natural oxygen that they require. This comes handy as it is often difficult for people to find the oxygen that is necessary for their life or everyday activities.

This especially comes handy as many people live in polluted cities where oxygen is at a premium. Just one breath of pure oxygen can make your day better. Aquogen is designed as a product that supports the needs that people have for breathing easy wherever they go.

The current Kickstarter campaign offers various great rewards. Those who pledge $25 to the campaign will receive 1 bottle and 1 oxygen container. People who pledge $40 or more will get 1 bottle and 5 oxygen refills. Various other reward levels are also available.

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The estimated delivery for the products will be in August 2018. This is expected to be a very attractive product that will work for anyone who needs help with getting the air on demands. It will be available worldwide as well, thus providing people in any place where pollution is a problem with the support they need for getting clean oxygen to breathe.

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