AK Solutions Brings Creativity to Kitchen And Bathroom Renovations

As one of Ontario’s best renovation and decoration providers, AK Solutions continues to innovate

Experience. Excellence. Innovation. AK Solutions’ approach to renovations, design and decorations is far from average. Known as one of Ontario’s top service providers in the field, it serves commercial and residential customers and has managed to build a spotless reputation that keeps customers coming back.

To the team behind the stellar work, every project is special and requires attention to detail, skillset, high quality material, and the precision of a surgeon to get results that matter.

Whether clients want a kitchen renovation or bathroom renovation, for them, the process is simple: they tell AK Solutions what they need and AK Solutions makes it happen.

However, behind the scenes the story is different and much more complex. A project manager leads a team of experts to plan and execute the clients’ vision. How do they do it? They combine industry knowledge, years of experience in the field and comprehensive analysis of trends, legislation, new materials and processes to exceed expectations and take any project, no matter the complexity, from concept to completion – never settling for anything less than the best.


A Comprehensive Portfolio of Services

AK Solutions Inc. has put together a comprehensive portfolio of services to answer the needs of their clients, including:

Commercial Services: Clients can find everything they need ranging from commercial plumbing and drywall taping to painting and commercial flooring. AK Solutions has worked with offices, restaurants and retail spaces to take projects to fruition, no matter how demanding they are.

Residential Services: Detached and semi-detached houses, townhouses and apartments are all served by AK Solutions and its team of experts. From kitchen renovations and bathroom remodelling to home design, clients can find exactly what they need with the certainty that the results will be excellent.

Top Quality Materials: Without high quality materials, AK Solutions Inc. would not be able to operate with the excellence it is known for. By combining supplier knowledge and years of experience in the industry, AK Solutions knows exactly what is best for residential and commercial projects. Furniture, appliances, window coverings, flooring, light fixtures, faucets and door handles are all part of the top quality materials AK Solutions uses on its projects. Special products such as wheelchair access ramps and stair lifts are also part of the solutions offered by the company to ensure a great result that clients love.


About AK Solutions Inc.

Initially created as a damage restoration company, AK Solutions helped clients recover from floods, fires and other crises. As the stellar reputation grew, the company expanded and it quickly became one of Ontario’s best and most reliable designers, renovators and decorators servicing commercial and residential customers.

The company combines experience and quality to offer a vast portfolio of services ranging from small bathroom renovations to large-scale business makeovers. The team of experts, client-centric approach and top quality materials make AK Solutions Inc. one of the favourite choices in Ontario.

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