From Toronto to New York – RTL Remains Unstoppable

Serving Canada and the United States and Challenging Customers to Go Reliable

Reliable Transportation Link (RTL) specializes in intermodal container delivery and shipping. It serves Canada and the United States and is known as one of North America’s largest intermodal transport container carriers.

Now, it is challenging customers to go Reliable by choosing RTL for their container delivery and shipping needs.

With a solid track record, RTL is known for the excellence in the services it provides. It is known for the customer first approach, results driven vision and for having quality and safety as a top pr00iority.

The results? Top quality transportation services combined with flexible delivery, the perfect combination for an ever-growing number of customers across Canada and the United States.

Looking ahead, Reliable Transportation Link will continue to maintain its customer-centric vision and wow clients with services they can rely on. There’s a reason why RTL’s reputation is absolutely stellar.

Portfolio of Services

RTL is one of North America’s largest intermodal transport container carrier – a status that couldn’t have been reached without a solid portfolio of services.

Reliable Transportation Link created a variety of services to respond to its customer needs. Serving Canada and major locations in the United States of America, RTL is the go-to company when it comes to shipping and delivery.

Clients can find a myriad of services to ranging from container sales and rentals, warehousing and distribution services, to freight management, dedicated trucking and reverse logistics.

In the future, this portfolio of services may continue to grow. However, one thing will remain the unchanged: RTL’s commitment to the customer and service of excellence.


Areas Served

RTL’s core areas of service include Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Regina, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Nonetheless, the company serves clients through Canada and the United States to maintain their level of commitment and customer centric approach. Clients looking for a reliable delivery and shipping solution across the United States and Canada can now join efforts with Reliable Transportation Link with the certainty that the customer is always the priority.


About Reliable Transportation Link

RTL is a registered EDI carrier that specializes in intermodal container delivery or shipping serving clients across Canada and the United States.

Doing so is not easy. That’s why RTL combines a modern fleet of highway and city trucks, specific framework with permits, and an established reputation within the marine containers market thanks to its client-comes-first approach to ensure that the service exceeds expectations.

Founded on the spirit entrepreneurship, courage and team work. Prepared with an arsenal of new ideas and empowered by a culture of effective decision makers, RTL continues to build on its already spotless reputation as it solidifies its position as one of the best in the industry.

Put simply, RTL is a one stop solution to all kinds of shipping and delivery needs. By combining the most effective staff members, a modern fleet and the highest standards of quality, it continues to maintain its competitive edge and be the favourite of a growing number of clients.

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