The Polarity Expert, S.J. Gold Seeks Crowdfunding Support From Kickstarter Community For PUSI-llanimous Or Pleaser Book Project

The Polarity Expert, S.J. Gold announces launch of campaign on Kickstarter for PUSI-llanimous or Pleaser – The PUSI Book project.

S. J. Gold aka The Polarity Expert who is an author, an entrepreneurial business excellence development consultant and personal wellness coach, has launched a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter for publishing and marketing of PUSI-llanimous or Pleaser – The PUSI Book. It is a hysterical book of satire for men on a truly shocking and controversial subject.

“Men just don’t know quite a few things about women because there never has been a book written about them in a way that can hold the attention and interest of a male brain,” says S.J. Gold about his latest venture. “This book has been written for those who ever wanted a better connection with a woman. It is based on the shocking news reports of inappropriate behavior of Hollywood big names and other powerful personalities.”

According to S.J. Gold, a book with such scandalous content has never been published before. Given the almost incessant news reports of outrageous conduct of some big names in positions of power, it is apparent that the timing for launching such a book is right now. The author says that the demand has been so high that the original printed short run sold out almost instantly. The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has been launched to ensure that fresh stocks of the book get printed to fulfill the holiday orders.

PUSI-llanimous or Pleaser – The PUSI Book is a simple relationship/behavioral guidebook that makes use of a paradox of hysterical situations that demonstrate the Yin-Yang or feminine-masculine unbalance in the society today. The PUSI book even offers tangible and actionable solutions for both men and women while advocating the mutual benefits of polarity of sexes. At the same time, the book is incredibly educational as well. It is a must-read for men having questions about women.

‘I already have a pussy. I don’t need another one’ – was the title that the author toyed with initially but later settled for PUSI-llanimous which is a word mentioned in the dictionary. The Polarity Expert is convinced that the present male-female divide cultural crisis exists because there is no breeding of real men. There is breeding of PUSI-llanimous males at endemic proportions which is the root of all problems.

The book has a unique, in-your-face satire that creates humility in a culture that doesn’t know what masculinity truly is. It makes a powerful statement but is absolutely hilarious too while showcasing real life dilemmas.

The author has already lined up a publisher for the book in the U.S to expedite the whole publishing process.

The Kickstarter campaign has a financial goal of $20,000 with a deadline of 27 December, 2017.

About PUSI-llanimous or Pleaser – The PUSI Book:

PUSI-llanimous or Pleaser – The PUSI Book is a project by S.J. Gold – The Polarity Expert. The controversial book exposes the inappropriate behavior of men in powerful positions towards women and also brings forth the reasons for the unbalance of the Yin and the Yang in our culture today.

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