Travelbook is launching its open beta on 1 December 2017

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What is Travelbook?

Travelbook is a one-stop travel-sharing community to discover, plan, and book experiences while earning travel coins to get rewarded to explore the world.

First of its kind in the travel industry, Travelbook aims to disrupt the travel industry from a new angle, people travelbooks. Travelbook will allow people to keep, discover, plan and book experiences — all in one place.

“Every traveler is unique, and we understand that each traveler has his or her own travel experiences. As a result, we’ve built a one-stop travel platform to discover, search, plan, and book experiences. People are using travelbook to keep and share their travel experiences in one, easy accessible place.”  Dean Kelly, founder of Travelbook.

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The Founders

Dean Kelly and Natalie Glebova, who is former Miss Universe,  founded the company in February 2017. They are both entrepreneurs and avid travelers with over 100 countries visited, who found that the digital travel journey is much too fragmented.

In a press interview at Skift Travel Forum 2017, Natalie Glebova, co-founder and pitch woman says: “We saw a need arising from our own experience, of a platform that allows us to combine all elements of travel in one place, from looking for inspiration to travel, to booking and planning the trip, to ultimately being able to share that experience with our friends and followers.”

Travelbook enables travelers to:

Organize, access and share travelbooks; photos, videos, and favorite experiences
See friends’ travel adventures to get inspired
Plan trips with trusted friends’ travel advice and top travelers recommendations
Receive offers and special packages
Earn travel points to get rewarded
Get involved to help worthy social causes

Travelbook enables travel brands to:
Reach and inspire travelers by developing professional and targeted business pages
Tailor-make promotions to increase demand for direct-bookings

“Our vision is to help and inspire the travelers` passion to explore new experiences with a stunning travel-dedicated platform full of photos, videos and one-click links to destinations, that will help develop an authentic community of trusted friends based on their recommendations and advice. If you think travel, go to and get inspired!“ Natalie Glebova, pitch woman for Travelbook

Who is the target market?

Travelbook has a global reach, with the first focus market in the USA, followed by Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia  & Indonesia.

Travelbook caters to travelers,  travel bloggers,  and travel influencers. At the same time we provide the travel/hospitality players with business pages to showcase their brands, and at a later stage, with privileged access to advertising assets and active e-comments service on the social aspects of the B2C platform.

David vs Goliath

Facebook, Inc. is currently opposing to Travelbook, Inc.’s trademark in some classes, and the trial is happening at the U.S. Trademark law.  “This is a typical case of corporate bullying, and we’ll protect our trademark to the best of our abilities. Our legal team is strong, and ready to give a good fight.” Said Dean Kelly, founder & CEO of Travelbook.

About Travelbook, Inc.

Founded by Dean Kelly & Natalie Glebova in February 2017 and based in New York City, Travelbook is an online one-stop travel-sharing community to discover, plan, and book experiences while earning travel coins to get rewarded to explore the world — from  any of your desktop or mobile devices.

Travelbook has helped to connect thousands of travelers through their travel-sharing community since launching the closed-beta 6 months ago.  Currently Travelbook is focused on building a product people love with roughly 10,000 users enjoying the platform and finding inspiration for their travels daily.

Travelbook is a new way for people to keep and share travel experiences with photos, videos, and check-ins in one easily accessible place.  This will be the best “traveler to traveler” experience-sharing community for the new generation of travelers that we call “Generation wanderlust.”  

We are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with to launch our first crowd funding in Asia. See it here:

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