The Be You Crew Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Their Social Media Freedom Project

The Be You Crew seeks support on Kickstarter platform to fund their Social Media Freedom project.

The Be You Crew which includes founder and visionary Jeray Reed and CEO Joe Mikitish, have announced that they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund their Social Media Freedom project. This platform has been created to enable people to be talk on any topic and post what they want to.

“We have the perfect solution for those who are tired of being told what to post on social media, says Joe Mikitish,” CEO of Social Media Platform. “This platform gives you the freedom to do your bidding on your favorite online channels. Our Be You platform is the place where you can truly be yourself and enjoy the kind of freedom you always wished to have.”

According to the founders of SMF, it is not just a platform. Users can connect with others close by easily or find out what is going on elsewhere. They can join a tribe with common goals and interests. It allows people to connect and share what they feel is important to them. No other application currently available allows this.

The Be You Crew is aware of the hurdles and drawbacks they are likely to come across in the course of developing this platform.  People do not always accept technology if it is not friendly. At times, things can go wrong such as the computers going dead in the middle of a long coding session. However, they have systems in place to mitigate the risk elements.

The Be You Crew has put in place two teams in Vegas and Boise to keep mistakes in check. Also, to remain in control of processes, they make sure that they listen to input from fans and social media enthusiasts. They also keep records of all happenings to make sure that all changes happening on the SMF platform are tracked and any changes, if needed, are announced as and when needed.

The team already has a working app in place and claim that it is working pretty smoothly already. However, as they are making progress on the project, they have to keep adjusting and tweaking the setup and the technology to get the best results. They have appealed to the community to come up with suggestions and ideas to make the platform better and robust.

The Kickstarter campaign has taken off in a positive way for the Be You Crew. They have announced a string of incentives for all participants in the Kickstarter funding campaign depending on their level of contribution. The team has a financial goal of $15,000 with a deadline of 29 November, 2017 to meet this target.

About Social Media Freedom:

Social Media Freedom is a project by The Be You Crew comprising of founder and visionary vet, Jeray Reed and CEO and bookworm, Joe Mikitish. It is a platform that aims to put an end to the practice of being told what to post on popular social media channels and gives users the freedom to post what they want and join a tribe that has common goals and interests.

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