Oh My Underwear’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale at 50% off

Men’s underwear company, Oh My Underwear offers 50% discount on all products for its Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Startup men’s underwear company, Oh My Underwear, has announced that it will be offering 50% off all the products in its store as part of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale offer. The discount offer is scheduled to run through the weekend, starting from Friday 12:01am to Monday 11:59pm. This offers customers around the globe, a 4-day period to purchase a wide range of men’s underwear at remarkably affordable prices.

One of the most important items of clothing for men and women is underwear. However, getting quality, yet affordable underwear, especially for men, has not been particularly easy. While some brands offer quality pieces of underwear at exorbitant prices, others provide inferior quality underwear at relatively cheap prices. Therefore, getting a mix of affordability and quality has seemed almost impossible until Oh My Underwear appeared on the scene.

Started by two friends who are underwear lovers, Oh My Underwear is not only offering its wide range of quality underwear collections at affordable rates, but is also making it even cheaper  this weekend with the 50% off offer on the entire store. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale is scheduled to be on for an unprecedented 4-day period.

Unlike many other such offers, customers are not required to use a coupon or time their purchases as long as the order falls within the stipulated period. This ensures that customers anywhere in the world can purchase their favorite piece of underwear at half the price. This is so as more than 100 styles of underwear will be available for less than $10 a pair, with multipacks of amazing underwear on offer for under $5 a pair.

The discount also comes with a free shipping offer on all orders, making it a double win situation for buyers around the globe. This means that buyers do not only enjoy discount purchases, but also save on the traditional shipping cost that comes with an average online purchase.

Oh My Underwear offers a wide range of undergarment collections, including boxer briefs, briefs, swimwear, loungewear, jockstraps, thongs, and everything in between, with prices as low as $20. This ensures that all shoppers are likely to find items that suit them, regardless of their budget or preference.

The offer affords men and their lovers and friends the opportunity to get quality swimwear and underwear at remarkably affordable rates.

About Oh My Underwear

Oh My Underwear is a men’s underwear company started by two underwear lovers. The company is based in Studio City and was founded due to the desire to create an eclectic  collection of male underwear. After traveling around the globe and discovering the lack of adventurous underwear and swimwear in the U.S, Oh My Underwear was founded to import an exciting variety of underwear and swimwear from different brands and designers worldwide.

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Address:3835 Mound View Ave Suite 101 Studio City, CA 91604
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