Personal Growth Club Launches Membership Site

Victoria Gallagher Teaches Transformation with Meditation and More

The Personal Growth Club website is now offering club memberships on their website.  Members will embark upon a step-by-step transformation process led by personal growth coach and hypnotist, Victoria Gallagher.  Video training modules are integrated with hypnotic meditation in the personal growth series.

“I am truly excited about the debut of the Personal Growth Club,” stated hypnotherapist success coach, Victoria Gallagher.  “The club walks members through an amazing life-changing process of personal growth transformation that is a blend of meditation and video training.  From weight loss to embarking in a new career, I have helped people achieve their goals for many years.  I am looking forward to helping even more people through the Personal Growth Club.”

The Personal Growth Club includes a series of 60 video training lessons that consist of 10-20 minute sessions on personal growth topics.  Also part of the exclusive membership package is a 20 minute meditation audio that comes with each module which is designed to help members

Integrate the given lesson deep into their subconscious mind.  Each module also comes complete with a workbook to assist members in applying the lesson to their personal life.

 A special incentive trial offer is now being advertised where potential members can try the Personal Growth Club for thirty days, no risk.  The special offer is for a limited time only.  Details can be found on the Personal Growth Club website.

On the website, information is given in regard to what each module focuses on.  The first lesson is on breathing which Victoria believes is the foundation of everything else in her teachings.  The second is meditation which is another important factor in the journey.  Victoria’s goal with the membership series is to help individuals be able to program themselves to accomplish goals and to succeed in life effortlessly.  She also strives to help members unleash their creativity and to advance in many other areas of personal growth.

Victoria Gallagher has been assisting individuals in reaching their dreams and goals for over 20 years.  She has a popular self-hypnosis website in addition to the Personal Growth Club website.  Victoria has been a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Success Coach for 20 years.

“I love helping people reach their goals and attain their dreams,” commented Victoria.

To find out more about the Personal Growth Club or to take advantage of the limited time special incentive being offered on the personal growth membership, check out the website.


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