Towing Service in Bolingbrook Illinois Focused on Reducing Carbon Footprint

Towing Company Providing Environmentally Safe Services

Classic Towing, a towing service in Bolingbrook, IL, has announced that it is dedicated to providing the greenest towing services on the planet.  With diesel emissions being a prominent environmental concern, the towing company is doing its share to reuse, reduce and recycle.  Great emphasis is being place on reducing their carbon footprint in order to be environmentally responsible.

“Being a socially and environmentally conscious company, Classic Towing does its best to provide environmentally safe services,” stated a representative of the towing service in Bolingbrook, IL.  “Our “green” business plan has been focused on providing services that have limited impact to the environment, consumers, employees, and the community. Our future goals include continuing to move to technology that would further lessen our carbon footprint.”

Human health, our environment, global climate and environmental justice are all affected by diesel emissions.  Diesel exposure can lead to asthma, can worsen lung and heart conditions and can cause a myriad of other serious health conditions.  It can damage the environment through ground level ozone, causing destruction to trees, crops and plants and can also lead to acid rain.  It poses a hazard risk to the global climate too.

Impacts of diesel emissions is a subject that is considered high priority with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  The emphasis of the EPA is to provide protection from environmental and health hazards to all individuals.  EPA guidelines are therefore set in place to assure diesel emissions are regulated.

The tow truck company in Bolingbrook is in complete compliance in all realms, including their heavy-duty semi-truck towing service, as well as light and medium duty towing.  Not only does the company adhere to the EPA’s strict environmental guidelines, Classic Towing takes a proactive approach to initiate measures on their own.  They are determined to be a part of the solution, being as “green” as possible.  This heavy duty towing company in Bolingbrook has the goal to be the “greenest” towing company in the world.

“In 2011 we bought our first eco-friendly Hino flatbed tow truck,” a member of the Classic Towing team further commented.  “Our new fleet of Hino trucks are now equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) after-treatment systems to meet EPA’s 2010 diesel most stringent emissions regulations. This new standard represented more than 80% reduction over 2007 requirements. This makes Hino tow trucks with SCR diesel engines one of the greenest trucks on the planet.”

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