New Body Essentials Revolutionizes Skincare Business

Beaverton, OG—The fight for flawless skin is the longest running battle in human history. Websites and witch doctors alike boast about finding magically immediate solutions to skin care problems. These solutions, however, never mark the end of the battle but rather a minor catch breath before the raving of irritated skin continues. New Body Essentials strives to give people helpful, long-term solutions. Rather than simply slapping the label “quick fix” on various items to make a profit, this new skincare brand is driven by the desire for their customers to have genuinely happier and healthier skin.

New Body Essentials is a new company founded in 2017. The competitive, positive edge that comes with a fresh start colors the company’s website alongside their helpful insights on how to get healthier skin. The company’s founder, Chelsea Davis, gives a relatable face to the company rather than a contrived make-up campaign. Davis started the company because of her own skin care problems that arose after she gave birth to her first son. She dove into the world of skincare information headfirst. Since the time of her first son’s birth, she has surrounded herself in research on every aspect of healthy skin. Davis is also the sole writer of the blog on the New Body Essentials website. New Body Essentials provides skincare advice directly from an honest perspective with a personally determined breadth of information.

As of this moment, New Body Essentials is not so much a product driven enterprise as it is an informational blog that advises people in how to take care of their skin. This allows the customers to have a genuine understanding on what they are doing to their skin and why it works. The methods Davis suggests do not pressure the customer to buy products from her. Instead, for example, her healthier skin tips include eating chocolate and drinking green tea: two items easily accessible for very little money at the local grocery store.

Moreover, Davis does not halt her online outpouring of information after some tips and tricks about the face. New Body Essentials also covers getting rid of cellulite and fixing cracked heels. This way any reader has the tools to revive their skin from head to toe. New Body Essentials has a few products that are sold at various retailers and on Amazon for incredibly reasonable prices. Also, any product purchased on Amazon can be returned with a 100% guarantee.

New Body Essentials is fighting its way to the forefront of the skincare industry because at the heart of the company, there lies a genuine care for the customer. That customer-centric approach stands to revolutionize the skincare industry


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Company Name: New Body Essentials
Contact Person: Chelsea Davis
Phone: 205-578-7221
City: Beaverton
State: Oregon, 97008
Country: United States