Mile High Glass Pipes Greets the Holiday Season with Lower Prices and Larger Inventory

Mile High Glass Pipes is an online headshop that has always stood out due to affordable prices and unique products. The company lives up its reputation and boosts it further offering an extended product catalog with lower prices for the holidays.

Mile High Glass Pipes has been an online headshop since 2003. Based in Denver, Colorado, this business has always been different in that it offered exquisite products at affordable rates. Starting the seasonal celebrations early, today Mile High Glass Pipes incr3eased their inventory and lowered the prices further. They also offer faster shipping times so everyone can make the best use of these holiday changes.

What’s New from Mile High Glass Pipes?

With the festive season fast approaching, Mile High Glass Pipes is now offering an extended selection of:

  • Glass pipes
  • Water pipes
  • Bongs
  • Dab rigs
  • Oil rigs

Like one should expect from this online headshop, all new pieces in the catalog are unique and beautiful. They are certainly fit to serve as holiday presents. With the rising popularity of these items caused by the legalization of medicinal cannabis in many states, such a gift would be original and helpful.

Glass pieces from Mile High Glass Pipes are a work of art each as they are handpicked with extreme care. The affordability of these exquisite bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, oil rigs, etc. allows everyone to become an owner of a truly beautiful item.

With their catalog featuring all kinds of colors, styles, and designs, Mile High Glass Pipes carries the perfect product for everyone. However, one will need some time to surf through the extended inventory and try to pick the very best of many amazing products.

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Mile High Glass Pipes: Gift Shipping

Not satisfied with merely offering more products with holiday price cuts, the shop decided to boost their shipping as well. Shipping within the US is still free and also faster now. As delivering presents on time is vitally important, this online headshop took care to prevent any delays.

The holiday rush in delivery services is unavoidable as their orders increase exponentially this time of year. However, forward-thinking businesses anticipate this and set up terms that enable them to ensure quick deliveries for their customers. With 14 years of experience in being a premium-quality online headshop, it’s not surprising that Mile High Glass Pipes is one of those businesses.

Aside from water pipes, glass pipes, bubblers and other essential inventory, the shop also carries a variety of accessories, such as grinders, dugouts, rolling papers, etc. Those items are also available in a variety of styles, so one can work out a perfect gift set.

Mile High Glass Pipes has a stellar reputation in every part of the country and over a decade of experience in catering to any customer’s needs.

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