Ryan Dossey Founder of Real Estate Investor Service Call Porter Profiled on Popular Business Podcast The Real Dealz

Many real estate investors lose deals by missing calls.  Ryan Dossey has helped solve this problem for many through his revolutionary live answering service & lead management system, Call Porter.  He reveals Call Porter one of his proprietary secrets on episode 189 of The Real Dealz podcast.

For the sophisticated real estate investor, especially in very competitive spaces, finding ways to get a step ahead of the competition is a must.  One weakness that appears again and again is missing calls or not returning calls promptly enough from potential sellers. The good news is a new powerful answer to this question exists for real estate entrepreneurs wanting to scale efficiently, in the live answering service and lead management system, Call Porter.  In exciting news Call Porter founder and real estate investor on the rise, 24 year old Ryan Dossey, discusses both Call Porter and his own eye opening experiences investing in real estate on Tucker Merrihew’s podcast The Real Dealz Episode 189, “Pick Up Your Phone With Ryan Dossey.”


“It was a huge pleasure to be able to talk to Tucker about my experiences here in Indianapolis investing in real estate and having things really go well quickly,” commented Dossey, who has already purchased 65 properties in 2017 off market despite operating in a very competitive city.  “I’m glad to be able to share what worked for me and also to share information about Call Porter, which is a game changer.”

Dossey’s experience building a successful business at such a young age in Indianapolis illustrates a number of different tips and strategies that can be applied nearly anywhere in the United States, with Merrihew helping illustrate this in their podcast discussion.  The information shared is very actionable and likely to deliver value to real estate buyers wanting to see positive changes in their own performance.  Remarkably, Dossey is on his way to doing 70 deals this year, with 2018 goals set that include seven figures in profit and over 100 houses bought and sold.

Call Porter answers the phone and sets up callers for the next step in selling their properties by setting up an appointment on the stop or priming them for a return call from a member of the real estate investor’s team after being expertly screened, a combination that supercharges results.  Call Porter also handles leads that come in from websites, ppc advertising, Facebook ads, and direct mail. The service currently has over 50 very happy clients.

For more information on Ryan Dossey please visit http://www.ryandossey.com

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